Lost is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 10/07/2010

Episode Overview

  After being falsely accused of murder, thanks to a street fighting game called 'Bl@ster', Akira is sent to jail. A mysterious one armed woman visits Akira in jail, and promises the young man freedom. But in exchange, Akira must go to the dangerous, dystopian district called 'Toshima' in order to participate in the deadly game 'Igura' and defeat Il-Re, the 'king'.


After World War Three (also known as the Third Division) Japan is split into two, and the dystopian city Toshima is born.

 The suitcase
 The suitcase

A man is standing on the top of a building; the streets below are painted red with blood. On the street in another man, dressed in black.  The man on the building falls to the ground, and lands unharmed. The man places in suitcase in the middle of the street and leaves.


In a back alley, a young man, referred to by the other member of the street fighting game as Lost, fights in a

 Akira's home
 Akira's home

street fighting game called 'Bl@ster', and easily wins. Two of the other Bl@ster member approach Lost, aka Akira and invite him for drinks, but coldly Akira refuses. Another man name Keisuke approaches Akira, and asks if he can stop by Akira’s place later on. Akira agrees, then leaves for home.


In an alleyway, two others beat a man, until death. Akira wakes up to the sound of knocking on his door. The cops burst in and tackle him to the ground, claiming that a certain man who also participated in the street fighting game ‘Bl@ster’ was killed. Akira is arrested and taken by the cops. The cops beat Akira, in order to force out a confession. Akira refuses, and is continued to be beaten until he is locked up on false charges of murder.


 Gwen and Emma
 Gwen and Emma

While in his cell, Akira is informed he has a visitor. Akira’s visitors are a woman named Emma, and a man named Gwen. Emma and Gwen explain that they can lift Akira’s false charges. But in order to grant Akira this freedom, Akira must go to the lawless district Toshima and participate in the deadly game, Igura and defeat the ‘king’ Il Re. Akira agrees, and Emma and Gwen depart.


 Keisuke pleads to go with Akira
 Keisuke pleads to go with Akira

Akira is released from jail and returns to his apartment in order to grab his belongings, there Keisuke is waiting. Akira’s guards allow Akira and Keisuke to speak privately, wherein Akira explains to Keisuke his current situation, not long after, Akira is forced to leave and go to Toshima. There, he is abandoned by his guards and is on his own.


 The vials
 The vials

Akira wanders the dystopian and apocalyptic town, putting on a single tag to symbolize that he is, in fact, participating in Igura. After heading into Toshima, Akira discovers cracked vials, which possessed a dangerous drug called Line. Suddenly Akira is attacked by a group of thugs. Just as Akira realizes he is out numbered, a strange man dressed in black instantly kills the group of thugs.


 The strange man
 The strange man

The man approaches Akira, and holds his katana to Akira’s throat. He asks for Akira to beg for his life, but Akira refuses. The man sheaths his sword, claiming that there is ‘something intriguing’ about Akira’s eyes, and spares Akira’s life.  

Episode Ending:


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Natsuko Takahashi Series Composition
Daisuke Chiba Episode Director
Takaaki Ishiyama Episode Director
Naoyuki Konno Character Artist/Designer
Shigeki Kuhara Animation Director


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