InuYasha #4 - Lost and Alone

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 05/06/1999

Plot Summary

Coming to the aid of a young fox-demon, Inu-Yasha and Kagome face off against a pair of demon brothers, Hiten and Manten, whose already awesome powers have been boosted even more by shards of the Shikon Jewel. Then, Kagome returns to present-day Japan, only to find herself in the middle of an eerie ghost story. Can Kagome--alone--save the lost soul of a little girl from being dragged into hell...?

Chapter Titles

  • Scroll One: The Thunder Brothers
  • Scroll Two: The Crush
  • Scroll Three: Kagome's Last Hope
  • Scroll Four: The Power to Devour
  • Scroll Five: With Only A Scabbard...
  • Scroll Six: The Cry
  • Scroll Seven: A Little IMP
  • Scroll Eight: Until My Eyes Open
  • Scroll Nine: To Hell
  • Scroll Ten: To Rest


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Rumiko Takahashi artist, cover, writer,


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