Loss of Innocence

Loss of Innocence is a anime/manga concept
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Like real life, anime and manga characters lose their innocence through war, trauma, rape, torture, and many agonizing scenarios.


It is a recurring theme that changes the characters emotionally and drastically. The factors that lead to one's loss of innocence are explain in greater detail below.


War can hurt the character with psychological trauma and physical trauma. Being force to fight and witness the excess and unnecessary death of friends, families, and comrades is Hell. It can drive one to be insane or up to the breaking point.

Examples of franchises with characters:


Rape can happen to both males and females. Rape can be like torture if a person is subjected to repeated rape. Rape often treats the individual as objects for sexual gratification or self gratification. The end result is the victim's sense of worth and dignity has gone down. Also, the victim often feels shame and that no one will assist them due to their culture which values virginity and purity of certain genders.

Examples of franchises with characters:


Forcing someone against their will to torture/kill another person is the same thing as torturing someone else. Examples can be forcing an individual to kill their loved ones or forcing the individual to fight in a war. Punishing someone is like bullying someone to gain self gratification.

Examples of franchises with characters:


After witnessing the murder of one's family or loved ones, the victim becomes enrage and ventures down the path of being an avenger. Sometimes, the avenger will do anything to achieve their revenge if requires sacrificing allies or killing the innocent or the enemies' loved ones.

Examples of franchises with characters:

Other media

The Things They Carried by Tim O' Brien
The Things They Carried by Tim O' Brien

The Things They Carried written by Tim O' Brien is a novel that reveals how the American Soldiers suffer during the Vietnam war. Many characters lose their innocence such as the Norman Bowker and Mary Anne Bell. The loss of innocence can lead to becoming inhuman (in Mary's case) or committing suicide (in Norman's case) The soldiers try to stop remembering the bad stuff by telling stories.

The Catcher in the Rye written by J.D. Salinger has some examples of characters who have lost their innocence. Fill in later....

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Losing one's innocence
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