Looking at Infinity Over the Reaper's Shoulder

Looking at Infinity Over the Reaper's Shoulder is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 07/01/2011

Detailed Summary

Victorique as she is about to be killed by Brian Roscoe, reflects on how she has seen so many deaths but never been affected by any of them. Now she is faced with her own death and is terrified. She says how meeting Kujo and being protected by mama, she has learnt to fear and care for the things she loves. Brian Roscoe, in a fit of rage, realizes his whole existence is to protect Cordellia. In a struggle with Victorique, Brian loses his footing and falls off a cliff, injuring himself.

Victorique and Brian eventually make it to an evacuation boat. When asked why Victorique helped him, she answers that she didn’t want to lose anything more than she already had. They are found by Grevil, who says a few words to them and leaves them alone. On the ship Victorique tries bandaging Brian. She overhears two men talking about how Marquis de Blois was killed by a woman. She tries to find out from them what happened to her mom, but the men don’t know anything else.

At the military camp, Kujo is writing a letter to Victorique. The bright yellow sunrise reminds him of Victorique. He also sees bomber planes dropping bombs over the camp.

Victorique overhears a man describing her, and realizes that search instructions for her must be going around. Brian reveals that as a child, he and his twin were exiled from their home town. They led a hard life together and hated everything. Eventually they were taken in by Cordellia and she became the mom they never had. Brian says that he had wanted to kill Victorique because then, Cordellia would only have to worry about Brian and his twin. He says that Victorique must live, that is what Cordellia wishes.Brian dies.

Victorique dyes her hair silver, because everyone is looking for a girl with blonde hair. She opens her locket, and unfolds a piece of paper. On the piece of paper is a hand drawn picture of Victorique, Kujo, Cecil, Grevil and Avril. She laughs at Kujo’s artistic skills, and sheds a tear. Victorique is approached and handed a bundle of letters by Rupert, the letters are from Kujo.

On the battlefield, Kujo thinks about how he has been swept up in the flow of history and what he’s fighting for. Kujo wishes to make it out alive and see Victorique again, Victorique wishes the same. In what appears to be a dream Kujo has lost his legs, and is in a desert. He must find Victorique.

Jacqueline comments on how he has misjudged Grevil, but how he hasn’t really changed. She sees Grevil with his hair down and flowing. Avril tries sending a message in a bottle to Victorique and Kujo from the beach, but it washes up at her feet due to the tide.

The war ends. Soldiers are returning home on ship from the war and being greeted by their loved ones. Victorique and Kujo reunite.

Characters & Voice Actors

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