Look Before You Sleep

Look Before You Sleep is an anime episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that was released on 12/03/2010
When the ponies gather at Twilight's for a slumber party, Rarity and Applejack begin to quarrel and threaten to ruin the party.
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Plot Summary

Look Before You Sleep
Air Dates
December 3, 2010
May, 20, 2013
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Mirai Start
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Kataomoi no Karaage
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The weather peagusi of Ponyville are setting up a thunderstorm in order to make up for a skipped rainstorm. But before it can be carried out, the other residents are pruning the trees in order to keep falling branch damage to a minimum. Joining them are Rarity and Applejack, two friends with completely different approaches to life. Performing outdoor chores is nothing new to Applejack, being a workhorse with no problems getting dirty. Rarity, on the other hand, prefers to keep herself clean and her surroundings neat and tidy.

So while Applejack is helping snap off loose tree limbs, Rarity is preoccupyed with shaping the branches into cute designs and placing them back onto the trees; this annoys Applejack, since she's wasting time doing things that, to her, are impractical. Once the rain starts, Rarity seeks out shelter to keep herself from getting messy. Applejack offers a picnic table, but she refuses since the underside has gotten muddy. Sensing possible hostility, the girls decide it would be best to go their separate ways before things escalate.

Though instead the girls decide to stick together since they currently have no shelter from the storm. But out in the distance, they hear the voice of Twilight Sparkle. She offers them to come inside the library, which is protected by a lightning rod. But before Applejack can walk in, Rarity sends her back out to wash the mud off her hooves. While she's out doing that, Twilight tells Rarity that they're welcome to stay as long as they need. But the storm wouldn't be ending anytime soon so she suggests, since Spike is away on Canterlot business, the girls should have a slumber party. Twilight herself had never had one before so she sees it as the most opportune time to finally enjoy one; she even owns special guide for just such an occasion.

Both Rarity and Applejack are reluctant, though, since this means that they now have to spend the night dealing with each other. But to humor their friend, they set their differences aside so she could at least have a good time. Twilight tries to be as by-the-book as possible, hoping to perform every activity listed in her guide. The girls indulge her, but also use the activities as ways to make jabs at each other throughout the evening, using ghost stories and truth-or-dare to mock each others' shortcomings and a pillow fight as a means to get back at each other.

The confrontation, as well as the storm, continues into the night with Rarity and Applejack having to share a bed. The two argue over how to make the bed, which Rarity tries to do "perfectly" while Applejack simply wants to sleep, if not annoy her. But then, finally, Twilight wakes up infuriated. Twilight lets them know that the first rule of slumber parties is to have fun, and the two's fighting have prevented her from enjoying herself.Suddenly, just as things couldn't get any worse, lightning strikes the tree next to Twilight's house. From the strike, the top of the tree is now threatening to fall onto a nearby house. Having proved Rarity wrong of her methods from earlier, which may have prevented the scenario, Applejack makes a brash decision and lassos the treetop away from the neighbor's house, though she accidentally pulls it into Twilight's bedroom.

Since Twilight is still concerned about salvaging her slumber party (checking the book regarding branches) Applejack tries to remove the branch herself while Rarity decides to clean up the smaller messes instead. Having failed to take care of the situation, Applejack calls out to Rarity to apologize for her attitude. Rarity had tried to prevent Applejack from pulling the tree inwards, but she failed to listen. Additionally, she manages to convince Rarity to help her move the tree out; telling her not to worry about getting messy, and stop letting her attention to small details get in the way. Rarity agrees, and they work together to deal with the situation. Rarity turns most of the branch into small, manageable sculptures while Applejack gently pushes the remaining trunk out the window.

After the situation is fixed, the girls continue Twilight's slumber party: actually having fun this time and each apologizing for being pains to each other. Twilight calls her party a success and, as the girls continue on in the background, writes to Princess Celestia. She writes about how it is possible for two very different people (ponies) can still be able to get along if they are simply willing to accept each others differences.

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Background Characters

  • Derpy is seen helping trim trees before the storm.
  • Sweetie Drops is seen helping with the clean up.

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Jayson Thiessen Director Jayson Thiessen is a Canadian director, artist and toy maker.
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Blair Peters Executive Producer Blair Peters is a producer and co-founder of Studio B Productions.
Kirsten Newlands Executive Producer Kirsten Newlands is a producer known for her work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


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