Longing is an anime episode of Hell Girl: two mirrors that was released on 03/10/2007


The story focus back on Takuma, a boy who appeared on episode 14. After the night where his father was wounded, the townspeople keep suspect him as the one who cause all of this problems and thought he was the "Devil's Kid".

When Takuma done shopping, townspeople seems to suspect him more as they don't want to greet him or even talk to him as they go away from him instead. Takuma is seen sitting near a lake, and then suddenly meet a girl called Seri. Takuma ask her if she ever know who he is. Although Seri guessing that he's a TV star and such.

Seri then tell Takuma that she used to live near the place where the two met. She told Takuma that her house was torn down to make a train station that never been materialized. The two then goes to Takuma's house. Before they off, Seri take Takuma to the Bus stop and ruin the sign. As Seri tell Takuma to do it too, Takuma refuse and told her that its a bad thing. Takuma cried as he remember what his father told him. Seri then hug him and the two start a bond together.

As they're on the way, Seri greet Mr.Hasue and told Takuma that she knew him. When the two made their way to Takuma's house, Seri helping Takuma to clean the mess. After the two made it, Kikuri came in. Hone Onna, Wanyuudo, and Ai came to take Kikuri. Later then, Takuma see Seri while she was on the phone.

After that, Seri told Takuma that she was blackmails Mr.Hasue in order to take her revenge. Although, she intend to extort a large sum of cash from him. Takuma seems worried and told Seri just to over it for her sake.

When the morning comes, Seri then told Takuma that she wanted to leave. Takuma was surely sad and relief that he met her. Takuma then finally realize about why has Ai came to town. He was guessing that someone has put a grudge to Seri and quickly after her. After Seri took a large amount of moneys, Seri then head off. As Takuma chasing her, he find himself Seri's bike on the street where Seri has already sent to Hell by Mr.Hasue's wife.

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Takahiro Omori Director


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