Lonely Casting

Lonely Casting is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 04/26/2012

Natsuki teaches Haru and Yuki how to cast properly and has them practice casting into a bucket. This proves to be difficult. Yuki almost gives up. Also Coco is skeptical about Yuki's fishing abilities, and tells Haru to give up on Yuki. Akira is affiliated with an organization that tracks aliens, and Kate gives some words of wisdom as she explains why she takes care of flowers.

Plot Summary

Haru and Yuki's casts fall short
Haru and Yuki's casts fall short

Natsuki continues to teach Yuki and Haru how to fish. The next step is learning how to cast the lure. Natsuki shows them the proper technique for casting, and has them practice by casting into a bucket on the beach. He also has them count to 3 out loud when doing the motion and say "Eno-shima bowl" for the 3 beats. Casting right into the bucket proves to be hard. As they are practicing, they see Akira walking by, Haru seems to be afraid of Akira. After lots of practice, Yuki is getting closer to casting into the bucket, so Natsuki teaches him how to use his finger as a break to adjust how much line is let out during the cast. As the day comes to an end, neither Haru or Yuki were able to cast into the bucket, but Natsuki tells them to keep practicing and will see them tomorrow.

Kate rests at the hospital
Kate rests at the hospital

At home, Natsuki prepares dinner, and his father asks him about his fishing lately. His father jokes around with Natsuki, saying that they should go fishing together like old times. Natsuki doesn't reply. Elsewhere, Kate tells Haru and Yuki that she has to stay at the hospital for a few days. Yuki is frustrated that Kate didn't tell them sooner and implies that this has happened before. Kate comforts Yuki by saying that this time he won't be lonely since he has Haru. Akira reports to his Duck superior about what he has found out about JF1 and JF2 (code-names for Haru and Coco) as they try to find out what they are doing in Enoshima. As Haru bathes, he communicates with his sister Coco. Coco tries telling him to leave Yuki, saying that he hasn't even caught any fish yet. Haru isn't sure what to do.

Yuki celebrates and thanks Natsuki
Yuki celebrates and thanks Natsuki

Before going to sleep, Haru talks with Kate who is tending to the flowers. Kate thanks Haru for becoming friends with Yuki and explains why she takes care of the flowers. She explains that even though flowers die, she wants them to bloom and be beautiful while they are alive. The next few days Yuki is depressed because Kate is at the hospital and doesn't go to practice casting with Haru. Coco tries telling Haru again to let Yuki go, but Haru doesn't want to give up. And neither does Yuki. Yuki has a stroke of inspiration and goes out to the beach, in the rain, with the bucket to practice casting. After about a dozen wayward casts, Yuki finally gets it into the bucket. Natsuki, Akira, Coco and Haru are there to watch. Haru celebrates with Yuki, and Yuki thanks Natsuki. Natsuki, as he continues his evening jog, bursts out laughing with joy. It seems the three of them are finally friends.

Points of Interest

  • When Akira walks around Enoshima he visits the Hemingway Fishing Shop, the local shrine where Heihachi is spotted leading an Enoshima dance, and Natsuki's father's restaurant, where Akira orders an Enoshima bowl.

Characters & Voice Actors

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