Londinium is an anime episode of Tears to Tiara that was released on 05/03/2009
On a ship, Lord Gaius wonders at the location of the Gael Tribe. Lord Dekmus suggests that due to the ocean currents the tribe must have gone into the interior of the island. Lord Gaius decides to set course for the town of Londinium, and orders Dekmus to rest and to tell the other soldiers the same.

Arawn and Ogam talk about the fast approach of the Empire and war. They agree the tribe does not have much time nor sufficient weaponry to raise a defense. Arawn states they must arrange something.

The next day Arthur drags Arawn out hunting because the tribe is not allowed to hunt without the chief. Arthur notices the forest is extremely quiet. He finds signs of a trap for prey and concludes that they are intruding on another tribe’s hunting territory. The tribe makes camp and settle for a disappointing dinner with no meat. Morgan drinks a large amount of alcohol. She angrily blames Arthur for their failure to obtain meat. She drunkenly challenges him to a duel for a title of First Knight which Arawn sanctions. Morgan attacks Arthur who chooses only to defend himself.

The group suddenly hears the sound of harp music. A mysterious man emerges from the forest. He introduces himself as Taliesin, a wandering minstrel. He offers to play a song in return for a share of the food gathered by the tribe. Arthur praises and thanks Taliesin for his song. Taliesin then asks if they are the tribe of Gael which immediately raises everyone’s suspicions. Taliesin tells them the area surrounding them belongs to the Brigante Tribe of bandits and then leaves. Lord Gaius arrives in Londinium that night.

The next day, Arawn decides to go to Londinium with Riannon, Arthur, Morgan, and Ogam. He claims they will be “sightseeing.” The group sets out in disguise. Arawn leads them to the place where all the goods being sent to the Empire are loaded. Lord Gaius believes that one way or another, the tribe will have to go through Londinium.

That night a group of Empire soldiers are traveling through the forest with boxes of weapons. The Gaels ambush the band and make off with the goods. However, Lord Gaius and more Empire soldiers emerge from the forest afterward. Lord Gaius sends a lone ninja warrior in pursuit of the Gaels. Arawn and Arthur quickly notice and attack the ninja. The ninja manages to escape despite being injured. Someone opens one of the boxes and discovers it only holds sand. All the other boxes are opened and hold the same content. The tribe heads back towards Avalon with only the horses.

In the following day, Arthur again pulls Arawn out to go hunting. Morgan blows the crab whistle. Instead of crabs appearing, the figure of a woman emerges from the ocean.

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