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A collection of underage porn, which, with its cheerful incitement to abuse children, is in its own way far more offensive than Urotsukidoji. Based on manga by Fumio Nakajima, the stories range from risqué but unremarkable dramas of sexual awakening to full-blown pedophile rape scenes, with the questionable distinction of being the first erotic anime video release. So it was that after the relative excitement of theatrical outings such as Arabian Nights and Cleopatra: Queen of Sex, anime entered a tawdry phase with the sickening gang rape of The Reddening Snow (#1), in which a group of boys sexually assault a schoolgirl, while the boy who secretly adores her is "forced" to join in. Girls Tortured with Roses (#2) is no less shocking-a bondage fable in which older men abuse and assault very young girls-though it pales into insignificance when compared to Dying for a Girl (#3), in which the assault of a girl in a playground is offered for the audience's titillation, only to have the neighborhood pervert's intentions thwarted by the timely arrival of a younger man. He then takes the girl back to his place, where, after a shower, she gratefully offers her body to her savior.

The next entry in the series, the lesbian-awakening story Altar of Sacrifice (#4), was successful enough to create its own subseries within the Lolita Anime franchise-a form of brand identity that was repeated with greater success within the Cream Lemon series. Variations (#5) was a direct sequel, double the normal length, about one of the girls becoming an artist's model and being invited to a postsession dinner where she is drugged and raped.

Another mini-franchise began with House of Kittens (#6), in which several schoolgirls are inspired to experiment sexually with each other after witnessing their teacher in the act. However, their friend Miyu prefers to fantasize about having sex with a man. A character whose popularity prefigured that of Cream Lemon's Ami, Miyu returned for Surfside Dreaming (#7), about an innocent encounter between two consenting teenagers, and consequently far less disturbing than many of the other LA entries. The character returned for the finale, Seaside Angel Miyu (#8), a clip-show of earlier episodes, presented as a radio show conducted from orbit, as Earthbound callers telephone Miyu's spaceship and discuss their sexual experiences. The running time is bulked out with four minutes of still images of Miyu at the beach and ends with the "bonus" scene of Miyu having sex with the captain of her spaceship.

Later in 1984, an unrelated Lolita Anime was released by Nikkatsu. Directed by Naosuke Kurosawa, it comprised Aki Feels Ill, Milk-Drinking Doll, and Gokko Plays Nurse, all adapted from manga by Aki Uchiyama, an artist who once took Lolicon imagery so far as to eroticize infants in diapers for Shonen Magazine. NV

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Name: Lolita Anime
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1984
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 15 (mins)
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Aliases Wonder Magazine Series
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