Living Stone

Living Stone is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 03/30/2013

Nitta just misses his chance to talk with his younger brother Kazuya. As Nitta and Mutta head back to camp they talk about their relationships with their respective brothers, how it wasn't always easy. Despite not catching Kazuya's phone call, perhaps there is another way to talk to his brother. Meteors might just be boring stones to some people, but Nitta shows that they can mean much more.

Living Stone

Inside Kazuya's room
Inside Kazuya's room

Nitta was expecting a call from his younger hikikomori brother Kazuya. However he dropped his cell phone back at the last food crate. So, Nitta and Mutta were able to backtrack during the night and find Nitta's cell-phone. However Nitta just misses his brother's call, and Nitta feels like he lost another chance to help his brother. As Nitta and Mutta head back to their team's camp for the night, Nitta explains that he considered the Nanba brothers to be perfect and apologizes for dragging Mutta into what must seem like a trivial problem. Mutta says their relationship is nothing to be envious about. Sure they get along fine for now, but there were rough spots.

Mutta explains a fight with his brother
Mutta explains a fight with his brother

Mutta had a fist fight with Hibito. Mutta explains how he felt the pain in Hibito's punch, and after that they never fought again. Nitta remembers a time when he too had a fist fight with his brother Kazuya. The difference being that Nitta didn't punch back. Instead Nitta acted like a TV hero, talking down a villain, talking down to his younger brother, which he now realizes is worse than any punch. It's Mutta's turn to share his feelings, Mutta wishes that he could be a caring big brother like Nitta, guiding his lost younger brother.

Nitta's message
Nitta's message

Back in his room, Kazuya is looking at JAXA's website and views a video of Nitta giving a general message about becoming an ASCAN. Kazuya almost closes the video, but then Nitta starts talking about how growing up his world was limited to school and cram school. This led to feelings of being trapped or limited. This is partly why he never tired of staring up at the stars, hoping to expand his world and go beyond into space. So if someone watching this video feels as if they have no place in this world, Nitta adds, don't worry because it is those feelings that drive us to go beyond our world. This part hits home with Kazuya.

Young Kazuya and Nitta watch a meteor shower
Young Kazuya and Nitta watch a meteor shower

When Nitta and Kazuya went to see a meteor shower as children. Kazuya wanted to make lots of wishes, but Nitta said to stick to one wish, or else none of them will come true. Kazuya wanted to call the meteorites "living stones" because of how fast they were. Nitta explains to Mutta that he was planning on inviting his brother to come to Houston and live with him for a while, thinking maybe being in a different country would help his brother. Mutta is really impressed by Nitta's care for Kazuya. All Nitta wishes is to give his younger brother the courage to step forward.

Because of their backtracking, Team E (Mutta's team) is again in last place in the trek through the desert to Amarillo, Texas. When they arrive back at camp, Nitta has the courage to tell everyone about his younger brother. This means that Amanti was correct back when she read Nitta's fortune (Amanti correctly predicted that Nitta had both an older sister and a younger brother, although Nitta denied having a younger brother at the time). Mutta is reminded about his own fortune and starts worrying again because Amanti gave a startled reaction when reading Mutta's fortune.

Mutta looks over at Nitta
Mutta looks over at Nitta

Just as Mutta is about to sleep, he hears the girls chattering excitedly. In his room still, Kazuya is mulling over Nitta's last words in the video. Nitta concluded his message by saying we shouldn't stand still, if we do we are just a sitting rock, instead we should act. That when a stone keeps moving, it becomes a shooting star... a living stone! Kazuya pulls back the curtain, letting light in from outside and opens the window. Tonight is the night to watch a beautiful meteor shower, a sky full of living stones, and Nitta and the other ASCANs in Texas have front row seats.

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