Lives at Stake - Presea's Weapons

Lives at Stake - Presea's Weapons is an anime episode of Magic Knight Rayearth that was released on 11/21/1994

Walking from the spring of Eterna, the girls feel the ground begin to shake. They fear it is an earthquake. Fuu says monster encounters occur more often than earthquakes. Suddenly Mokona jumps from the bushes onto Umi’s back, startling her. Mokona then displays a message from Clef via the jewel in its forehead. Clef urges the girls to hurry and save Cephiro for if it crumbles, the girls will be unable to return to their world.

Presea waits anxiously at her home for the Magic Knights’ return. She thinks back to the time when Clef announced the time had come for her to create weapons for the Magic Knights. Clef transported her to the Forest of Silence to keep her safe from Zagato; only the Magic Knights would be able to open the door to the house she was in.

Ascot scans the Forest of Silence from above. He summons a giant beast which looks like a caterpillar and is named Atalante. Ascot conjures a ball and throws it in the direction of Presea’s house. He tells Atalanted to fetch it. The ball hits Presea and is absorbed in her body. Presea feels something strange, but forgets it when Mokona jumps on her back. She realizes the Magic Knights have returned. She notices the Knights’ armor has changed; she tells them that their armor will evolve just like their weapons. She then urges them to follow her.

Presea brings them to a room enclosed by a glass dome. Fuu notes that Presea does not need tools to forge weapons. Presea says she is correct; all that is needed is a strong will. Presea removes her armor and clothes. She then appears in a sheer white dress with a scarf. She instructs the girls to release the Escudo. Once they have done so, she begins to dance. Her scarves move to cover the Escudo and change it.

A loud noise and strong shaking interrupts the process. Umi, Hikaru, and Fuu leave to investigate. Hikaru urges Presea to remain in the forge and finish her work. Outside, the Magic Knights find Atalante. The monster breaks through the barrier around Presea’s house and grows larger. It spews acid from its mouth. The Knights use magic to attack it. However the caterpillar monster simply grows. The Knights try the same magic attacks again, but Atalante has developed a resistance to their spells. Hikaru and Umi each try another spell and fail injure the caterpillar monster at all. Atalante grows larger. The girls try using weapons, but they have the same effect as magic. The girls are knocked to the ground, and Atalante crawls past them into the house.

Inside Presea completes the task of forging the weapons. Atalante bursts in causing he ceiling to collapse onto Presea. The knights realize the weapons are complete and take hold of them. Hikaru manages to slay Atalante. She runs to Presea, but is too late to save her. Before dying, Presea asks the Magic Knights to use the weapons and save Cephiro.

Ascot walks through the forest calling for Atalante. One of Zagato’s henchmen appears and tells him the monster will not come. Ascot argues that the monster will do whatever he says. The henchman tells him that will only happen if the monster is still alive. Unbelieving, Ascot goes to Presea’s house. He finds the remains of his beloved pet. He cries and promises to avenge Atalante’s death.

The next day, the Magic Knight’s bury Presea. Once more, they make a promise to use the weapons in order to become the Magic Knights and save Cephiro.

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