Livebearer is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Livebearer is one of the best chefs in the world, ranked by the IGO Chef Ranking at 17th. He is also the leader of the Underground Cooking World, a black market organization for ingredients, and the former owner of the Gourmet Casino.


Livebearers origin story is mostly unknown, but at some point in the past he became the boss of the illegal trading organization "Underground Cooking World", and also became the owner of the famous and illustrious Gourmet Casino in the crime filled city of Nerg. His skill as a chef is revealed to have been mostly stolen from other great chefs through the Gourmet Casino game, "Food Concentration". Which, if he wins, allows him to steal the memories of anyone he beats, making him an extremely varied chef as far as skill is concerned.

Character Evolution


Livebearer is an unusually large muscular man with a very pink complexion, and he wears a wig of short hair on his head in an effort to hide many of the various implants his body has received over the years, which allow him to control various aspects of his nervous system and digestive system through thought.

He has a large cable port on the back of his neck which he uses to connect himself into the Gourmet Casino's mainframe and download taste data straight into his brain. His eyes seem to lack pupils as only the white sclera is visible, and his teeth are coloured black for an unknown reason.

His entire body (Barring head, feet and hands) is covered in tattoos which appear as flora designs, his tattoos are ommited in the anime as his skin simply turning grey.

His attire appears to be a tight fitting bright red shirt and simple pants, with a red apron tied around his waist and left to hang down over his legs. He is also wearing red gloves on his hands and a tall red chefs hat on his head (Likely in an effort to further cover his brain implants and wig).

Major Story Arcs

Meteor Garlic Arc

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Four Beast Arc

Livebearer appeared during the Green Rain epidemic at the Zen Ou Restaurant at the top if the Gourmet Knife Tower in order to assist the other chefs present in the cooking of an antidote for the Green Rains poison. When he arrived Setsuno noted who he was, stating that he is the Boss of the Underground Cooking World, he corrects her however stating that he is the former boss and that his eyes have been opened and he has now washed his hands of the illegal black market trade world thanks to Komatsu.

As many other chefs arrive to assist with the cooking of the antidote, Chef Yuda starts to teach them all the secret of how to cook his special antidote dish. During Yudas explanation of his antidote dish, Chef Luluhbu realises that even with all of these highly experienced chefs present, its impossible to cook the dish for every single human in the human world. After Yuda states that even if they did bring in less experienced chefs to assist them, the fact that the Medicinal Mochi is a special preparation ingredient means that they would be unable to cook it anyway. Livebearer notes that the only chefs capable of actually preparing the antidote are the ones present.

Komatsu however, not wanting to sacrifice lives, claims he will find a method that allows less experienced chefs to cook the dish in 10 minutes. Livebearer then reveals that he called in Chef Tairan, noted for his experience in dealing with poisons and poisonous ingredients, to assist them in dealing with the poison. After Tairan states that he can't stop the poison but he could stem the flow and give them more time to prepare the antidote, they all set out to begin work immediately.

As everyone starts to call out their associate chefs, Livebearer states that he managed to round up 30 thousand chefs to assist them. He tells them all that despite the fact that they all belong to the Underground Cooking World organization, their skill is great and that they don't have to worry.

As soon as Komatsu had finished his method of preparation, Livebearer ordered for a connection to be set up to all of the gathered chef groups so they can watch and learn the method themselves. After Komatsu was done with the video call, the rest of them got to work preparing the Mochi as fast as they could, leaving the battle at the centre of the human world in the hands to the Four Heavenly Kings.

Livebearer was also present while the chefs gathered around the TV to watch the Four Heavenly Kings finally defeat the Four Beast.

Cooking Festival Arc

Livebearer was invited to the illustrious Cooking Festival as one of the 100 entrants, he was ranked-in on the IGO Chef Ranking at 17th place and he entered into the stadium as the 21st entrant, followed directly by Chiru.

He along with the rest of the entrants was present at the starting line of the first event of the Cooking Festival, the preliminary round Triathlon Cooking. He managed to rank in the top 50 for that event and went on to compete in the second event, Scale Death Cooking, which he also won, and that allowed him to move onto the 3rd and final preliminary round, Entire Island Cooking, which he also managed to win.

Having passed all 3 preliminary rounds, Livebearer managed to secure his place in the championship final, and the first opponent he was to compete against was the legendary chef, ranked 3rd by the IGO Chef Ranking, Tengu Brunch, for the chance to win the illustrious title of "Super Cook".

Before the main championship events could get underway however the Gourmet Corps began their relentless attack on everyone present at the stadium. Livebearer was present with numerous other high ranking chefs, as they began to intercept some of the Gourmet Corps members and beasts descending into the stadium from the sky.

Livebearer began his attack by using his skill Doping Cooking, causing him to go into a sort of blood frenzy, slicing and dicing any and all Gourmet Corps beasts in the vicinity along with his fellow chefs.

Livebearer after witnessing the arrival of the Gourmet Corps Nitro decided to attack it, trying to utilize his Brain Cut attack in an effort to assist fellow chef Damala Sky the 13th, only for his knife to become mangled and broken in the attempt of cutting it. Livebearer however, distracted at how mangled his blade was, was bifurcated at his waste by the Nitro in a single attack. Luckily however, two Saiseiya managed to "glue" his body back together and stabilize the wound before it became fatal.

As Livebearer is taken out of the battle to rest, he tells them that he knows what the Nitro are thanks to data he had stolen long ago. He then wonders how the Gourmet Corps managed to subdue and tame such a beast, just as fellow Chef Chiru arrives to tell him that the boss of the Gourmet Corps was able to subdue them with his own monstrous power.

Chiru then goes on to inform them that, its not just the Nitro that are problems but the Scum Beasts they have brought with them too, due to their ability to use Food Honour. Livebearer then notices that Chiru is in fact a woman, after she had removed her mask, only to have his train of thought interrupted when more beasts show up to threaten them.

Human World Arc

Livebearer is later seen after the fall of the Meteor Spice, at the site of Nono's frozen mountain of food, listening to Setsuno state that these ingredients will be used to stop the people of the world from starving.

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Name: Livebearer
Name: ライブベアラー
Romanji: Raibubearā
Gender: Male
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