Little Sisters Can’t Barge In On Their Brother Who Lives Alone

Little Sisters Can’t Barge In On Their Brother Who Lives Alone is an anime episode of Oreimo 2 that was released on 06/16/2013
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The Kousaka household holds a family meeting. Their mother, Yoshino, has grown suspicious of how Kirino and Kyousuke have grown too close lately. The two of them desperately try to smooth over the situation, but their father, Daisuke, orders Kyousuke to leave the house and focus on his studies until he can earn an A on his mock exam.
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Little Sisters Can’t Barge In On Their Brother Who Lives Alone
RomajiHitori Garashi no Aniki no Heya ni Imōto-tachi ga Oshikakeru Wake ga Na
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Yoshino asks Kyousuke if he had done anything strange to Kirino and brings up how Kirino calls Kyousuke by his first name. She reveals a sticker of them hugging after finding on the refrigerator. Daisuke tells Kyousuke to live by himself after getting to college. Along the way to Kyousuke's apartment, Manami tells Kyousuke that she will throw a party for him. Kyousuke finds Kirino at his apartment where Kirino reveals that she had bought stuff like a refrigerator. Before Kirino leave Kyousuke, Kirino gives Kyousuke an eroge that has a naked apron girl on the cover. Then, Kyousuke receives a call from Kanako. Kanako asks Kyousuke if he's interested in becoming her manager. Though, Kyousuke declines when he has to study for his college entrance examinations. Kanako asks Kyousuke for his apartment's address. Once at Kyousuke's apartment, Kanako has Kyousuke try her cooking and reveals that she has found an eroge game. Even though Kanako finds Kyousuke disgusting, she accepts Kirino's hobbies. Kyousuke hugs Kanako when Kanako states that she will keep a secret, seeing Kirino and Kyousuke together at Meru-fest.

Later, Kyousuke takes a break and surfs the web to find photos of Ayase. He wonders if Kirino had a fan blog. When the door rings, Kyousuke trips and hurts his ankle. As he crawls towards the door, Ayase opens the door. Ayase steps on Kyousuke for looking underneath her skirt. She reveals that she had obtained the key from Manami and informs Kyousuke that Manami needs Kyousuke's help. When the doorbell rings, Ayase opens the door to find Kuroneko here. She finds it suspicious that Kyousuke's ex-girlfriend is visiting. Ayase tells Kuroneko that she is a bad friend and a thieving cat. Kuroneko tells Ayase that she knows Kirino better than her and accepts Kirino and Kyousuke if the two siblings love each other. Kyousuke asks Kuroneko if Kirino wanted to have sex with him. Things get out of hand.

Moments later, Ayase explains her relationship with Kyousuke as Kyousuke's victim. Ayase and Kuroneko argue with each other until Kuroneko had to go to school. Ayase gets frustrated when Kuroneko asks Ayase if she is going to feed Kyousuke the lunch that Kuroneko had made. Before Kuroneko leaves, Kyousuke tells Kuroneko that he will not date anyone until he has settled things with Kirino. Over at the Kousaka Residence, Kirino walks into Kyousuke's room and lies on his bed.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Kuroneko: "I wouldn't mind if Kyousuke had sex with his actual sister! I am that girl's best friend. I know what she wants more than anyone else, and I'm her greatest ally. If Kyousuke were the kind of brute who welcomed xxx, I would still love him, and if Kirino wished it, I would happily hand first place over to her! What about you? Would you be able to accept Kirino if she loved her brother as a man?"
— Kuroneko telling Ayase that she knows Kirino better

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Tsukasa Fushimi Original Concept Author of the Oreimo series of light novels and manga.
Hiroyuki Kanbe Director
ClariS OP Theme Song: Reunion
Satomi Satō ED Theme Song: ありふれた未来へ


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