Little Princesses in High Spirit

Little Princesses in High Spirit is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 09/08/2011

Little Princesses in High Spirit - "Ritoru Purinsesu wa Kibun-jō々" (リトルプリンセスは気分上々)

Momoka asks her friends to help her grasp the feeling of being a child, so she act as a child for her actress job. Momoka and Hime drink the cola and revert to children, and Bossun and Sasuke struggles to care for the girls. After Hime and Momoka get the seaweed for the cure, the antidote did not do its job correctly.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Michi (道)" by The Sketchbook

Momoka narrates about forgetting that scenery. In an anime show, the Yankee, Maji, prepares to obliterate everyone with baseballs. The scene returns to Switch who watches the anime while his friends question why is he watching it. Switch explains about Momoka's success and how he spent seven hours with Otakura on discussing her show. Hime thinks about how Momoka has not come back to visit them. Suddenly, Momoka appears right by the window.

Switch's proposal
Switch's proposal

Momoka asks her friends to help her grasp the feeling being a child in order to portray the voice like a child. After Switch fails to have Momoka talk into his microphone, Momoka explains that she visited a preschool to understand how to act like a child. Then Switch has them playing games. Bossun plays tag, building sand castle, and throwing ball with Hime and Momoka. After Bossun gets hurt when Momoka passes the ball, Sket Dan and Momoka do a toast with some cola. Yet, Switch wonders about the cola, and Bossun stops in time. Nonetheless, Hime and Momoka drink the cola before Chuuma jumps in. Bossun gets into a rant with Chuuma about the time he drank the cola and reverted back to a child.

Lil' Momoka and Hime
Lil' Momoka and Hime

Later, Switch got preschool's uniforms for Hime and Momoka. Hime thinks how Momoka's voice is cute while Switch records Momoka's voice. Bossun asks Chuuma to prepare the antidote, but Hime wants to stay little for a while. Chuuma tells them that staying small for too long can be permanent, yet he tells them that he will whip an antidote tomorrow much to Bossun's annoyance.

Hime plays Noikotta with Bossun, but she loses. Hime tries to grab her hockey stick. After she fails and get tired, she goes to drink tea. Bossun tells Hime to calm down. When Bossun's cell phone rings, the phone starts to ring in Momoka's recorded voice much to Bossun's shock. Bossun receives a call from Chuuma who wants Bossun to get seaweed for the antidote. As Bossun's call ends, Switch points out that Hime and Momoka hav gone outside. Sasuke is spazzing out until Bossun arrives, and Bossun arrives to find them. Later, Tsubaki goes off in a rant in front of Sojiro about the cola.

Lil' Daisy and Mimori
Lil' Daisy and Mimori

On a whim, Daisy and Mimori drink the cola and shrink into little children. Bossun instructs Hime and Momoka to be good little girls. He asks Switch to watch them, but Switch wants Chuuma to watch them. Yet, Bossun explains that Chuuma cannot concentrate on making the antidote with the children running around. When Switch proposes Otakura, Bossun calls Otakura a big risk. Suddenly, Tsubaki appears with his small friends and gets angry at Bossun.

The Four Munchkins: Daisy, Mimori, Momoka, and Hime
The Four Munchkins: Daisy, Mimori, Momoka, and Hime

Later, the four girls have their preschool uniforms on while Switch talks about how the preschool principal is looking down on him. Daisy attempts to insult Switch with her abbreviation, but she could not pronounce it correctly much to Switch's amusement. Hime calls Daisy cute and asks Daisy if she wants candy. Mimori asks Tsubaki if they all look cute, and Tsubaki replies that they should not be enjoying this. He asks Bossun to fix this. Bossun asks Switch to watch them. Somehow, Switch, who has a mustache, tells Bossun that he has an important business in Akiha-b. (Akiha Ra when Bossun corrects them)

Bossun & Sasuke walk with the little girls
Bossun & Sasuke walk with the little girls

Bossun and Sasuke walk the four girls on the street to the fish store while Hime sings a song much to the boys' embarrassment. Hime almost get hit by a car, but Bossun pulls her to safety. Bossun orders Hime and Momoka to say yes after instructing them to stay by his side, but Momoka refuses Bossun's order since she only listens to her big sister. Hime mocks Bossun about how Bossun cannot be a scary father but in fact, he is a useless father. Sasuke points out that Bossun cannot care for the children properly, and Daisy stomps on Sasuke's foot when she gets angry for unknown reason.

Bossun states that he will give money to Hime if Hime accepts it as an errand to buy seaweed. Upon meeting the man who is delighted to see the four girls and asks how old they are. Hime answers that they are 17 years old. (The man did not have a response). After getting the seaweed, a cat steals the seaweed from Hime. Hime and Momoka chase off the cat, and Bossun tells Sasuke to take Daisy and Mimori back to school while he chases after Hime and Momoka. During the chase, Bossun's mother and sister see Bossun chasing after two little girls much to their surprise.

Finally, Hime and Momoka capture the cat as they fall into the trunk from a big shaft, but the truck takes off with them. Bossun grabs a bike from a boy, and he catches up to the driver. He stops the driver when he tells him to give back his children. On the way, Switch and Otakura appear with shopping goods. Switch and Bossun cheer up the frightened girls who want to get back to their original age.

Back at the club, the four girls drink the cola, but they seem older than 17 years old. According to Chuuma, they age up to 27. Mimori teases Sasuke by jiggling her breasts in front of him while Daisy calls Sasuke a pervert. Hime and the girls go out to explore in their adult bodies. At Bossun's home, Bossun watches the TV when his sister fails to ask him about what happened earlier that day. Upon hearing Bossun calling those Idols cute, Bossun's mother and sister are relieved that Bossun is liking girls his age much to Bossun's confusion.

Later, Momoka acts, and in the club, Hime and the others watch Momoka's show. Hime is shock that Momoka did this to voice act as a baby.

Closing Theme

"Clover (クローバー)" by The Sketchbook

Extra Story: Biscuit Dance

This is about the characters who are toddlers in preschool.

  1. First story is when Daisy repeats D.O.S which causes Bossun to think that Daisy is insulting him. He calls her stupide until Daisy gives him a stuffed anima.
  2. Second story is when Switch falls down and Michiru reports that Switch's laptop broke. When Hime goes to help Switch, Switch writes down, "don't bother about me" much to Hime's annoyance.
  3. Third story is Hime making Bossun apologize to Sasuke since Bossun hit him earlier.
  4. Fourth story is about Sojiro laughing on how it is hard to take care of children while Moe says, "Yabas."

Points of Interest

  • When Switch asks the principal for preschool uniforms, Switch gets a strange look from the principal.
  • Daisy tries to pronounce SHO, "Shine Hentai Otaku" which means "Die Creepy Otaku." Yet, Switch is more amused than offended by it.
  • Lil' Hime sings about how everyone become cute as little birds.
  • One of the little girls think Bossun and Sasuke are birds of a feather.
  • Running gag: Bossun yells out that Momoka is damn cute every time Momoka says yes or refuses to listen to him.
  • Fan Service: Interestingly, the camera zooms on the bust and butt of the girls as they age up to 27.
  • Gainax Bounce: Also, Mimori's breasts bounce twice which marks the first Gainax Bounce in the Sket Dance anime series.

Reference to Yugioh and Beyblade


There is a duel disk, some cards, and tops that relate to Yugioh and Beyblade.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers Chapter 37: Little Princesses in High Spirit of volume 5 while the extra story, Biscuit Dance, covers a bonus at the end of volume 5.

  • In the manga, Hime and Momoka are the only girls to have revert back to toddlers. Compared to the manga, the anime has two more girls, Daisy and Momori.
  • The beginning of the manga starts off differently. Hime and Momoka speak about Momoka's success and they do a toast. This is where they revert to children. Compared to the anime, Hime talks about how they have not seen Momoka for a while since Momoka is busy. Momoka pops by the window and asks them to help her.
  • Sasuke did appear in the manga when he is confuse by Hime and Momoka. Whereas in the anime, he walks Daisy and Momori with Bossun who walks with Momoka and Hime.
  • Only in the anime, Bossun pulls Hime to safety before the car hits Hime.
  • In the manga, Switch did not appear when Bossun calms down Hime and Momoka. In the anime, Switch appears with Otakura after Bossun stops the trunk driver. Switch calms down Momoka while Bossun calms down Hime.
  • The ending of the anime is different from the manga. In the manga, Hime and Momoka age up to 27 after drinking the antidote. They head off outside to explore the world. Compared to the anime, the four girls age up to 27 and head off outside to explore the world. In addition, Bossun is seen watching TV of idols singing and dancing, and Rumi and Akane are relieved that Bossun likes girls his age.
  • In summary, Momori, Daisy, Akane, and Rumi did not appear in the manga, so their anime roles in this episode does not occur in the manga as well.
  • Other Chapters: In the chapter, Kaimei Rock Festival, Bossun's phone rings with little Momoka's voice that puzzles Ayano. Compared to the anime, the anime places Kaimei Rock Festival before this story, so the scene does not occur.

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Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.


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