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Kaibutsu the little goblin appears one day in the apartment next door to average Japanese schoolboy Hiroshi's. He is the prince of Monster Land, sent to Earth to keep him out of trouble, accompanied on occasion by his associates Franken (a junior Frankenstein), Dracula, and the Wolfman.

Ghostly goings-on in the tradition of Dororon Enma, Spooky Kitaro, and Little Devil, based on a 1965 manga by Doraemon-creator Hiroshi Fujimoto, though credited to the Fujiko-Fujio team of which he was a member. The franchise was brought back in color as the TV series New Little Goblin (1980), this time on the TV Asahi channel. The remake graduated to movie status with LG in Monster Land (1981), on a double bill with the Doraemon film Nobita the Space Colonist. The character returned for a second film outing with LG: Sword of the Devil (1982), set in the rival kingdom of Devil Land, which Kaibutsu is forced to invade in order to save his father's life.

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General Information Edit
Name Little Goblin
Romaji: Kaibutsu-kun
Publisher ?
Start Year 1968
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Aliases Li'l Monster Prince
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