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In 10th-century Spain, the Christian inhabitants are fighting a losing battle against the invading Muslim Moors. The young Luis Díaz de Bivar decides to become a knight, but it will be a long time before he becomes the legendary warrior El Cid. A fictitious dramatization of a famous character's youth (compare to Robin Hood), commissioned as a Spanish coproduction but not broadcast in Japan until 1984, long after its Spanish premiere. Curiously, in the original 12th-century Poema di Mio Cid, El Cid's name is Rodrigo, not Luis.

Little Ghosts: Achi, Kochi, and Sochi

1991. jpn: Chiisana Obake: Achi, Kochi, Sochi. aka: Little Ghosts: Thither, Hither, and Yon. TV series. dir: Osamu Kobayashi. scr: Yoshio Urasawa, Kazuhiko Koto. des: N/C. ani: Hideo Kawauchi. mus: Takeshi Ike. prd: Pastel House, Studio Pierrot, Nippon TV. 11 mins. x 100 eps.

Three friendly ghosts play around, make friends, and become involved in mildly surreal adventures, such as delivering donuts to aliens from Venus. Their prime concern, however, is getting lots of lovely food, an orally fixated quest of some appeal to their audience of toddlers.

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General Information Edit
Name Little El Cid
Romaji: Little El Cid no Boken
Publisher ?
Start Year 1979
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Aliases Adventures of Little El Cid
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