Lithuania is a anime/manga character in the Hetalia Axis Powers franchise
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The character that represents the country of Lithuania. He is the oldest of the three Baltics and somehow always ends back up under Russia's rule. He also seems to be close friends with Poland.


He was a member of the Teutonic Knights, but he rebelled against their Christian church and became Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Later he was often pursued by German knights who wanted him to accept Christianity and spread it. He never accepted the religion. Soon, he ended up beaten on the battlefield, and met Poland. Poland laughed his inability to win battles, but extended a hand to him anyway and offered him to help him.

Lithuania became partners with Poland in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth when Poland was supposed to be married to Lithuania's duke to create an alliance, and eventually accepted the religion. They were actually quite strong as it was shown that they could defeat powerful foes such as Germany and Prussia. Unfortunately, they ran into Russia who completely crushed them. As Russia celebrated his victory, he decided that Lithuania looked intelligent and wanted him as a subordinate. Lithuania protested strongly, but to avail as Russia cheerily ignored him; he looked back and pleaded Poland to save him, but the other country was down for the count.

In his days as a subordinate of Russia, he is often seen trembling in fear along with the other Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia (who also fear Russia). It has been implied that Lithuania is Russia's "favorite", so he is the main target of Russia's torture. He also met Russia's little sister, Belarus, and strangely enough, develops a crush on her. It is not returned, however, as she only has eyes for Russia. Lithuania had declared his independence, and worked for America as a housekeeper after WW1 because he fell into poverty. However, the Great Depression hit, and he was forced to return to Russia.

Country Information

[Official Name]: Lietuvos Respublika
[Capital]: Vilnius
[Official Language]: Lithuanian
[National Flower]: Common Rue


He is patient, good-natured, and serious. However, his seriousness tends to make him overthink things to the extent that he'll get a stomachache as a result from it. He also takes care of his friends. Sadly, his country has been named the "country with the highest suicide rate" because of his tragically considerate personality. He is also shown to be a bit picky with what spices and condiments he uses in his cooking. He is a bit of an introvert, and ends up being easy to take advantage of. All of this is according to Volume One and Two.


He buys his cars used. Always. He also loves literature and martial arts. Since he was bullied by Prussia when he was younger, he tried to make his own weapons once, and mass produced arrows. He also got advice from Hungary on how to fight. He also appears to be good at cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping skills in general. This is according to Volume One and Two.

Relationships with other Countries


America thinks Lithuania is pretty popular
America thinks Lithuania is pretty popular
Lithuania is very fond of America. England had introduced Lithuania to him because the country was looking for work, and America was looking for a housekeeper. Lithuania comments on how serious America is much to England's surprise. He cooked, cleaned, told America where his glasses were when the country lost them, and said working for America was like "heaven". He also befriends America's whale and America's alien friend, Tony. Unfortunately, the Great Depression hit. Lithuania worries over how America is doing, and then Russia arrives to take him back. America thanks Lithuania for all he's done as the country is carried off by Russia with tears in his eyes. Later, Lithuania visits America on his birthday and gives him a lot of candies that he made. America is shown to fond of Lithuania as well because he says how much he misses Lithuania's cooking.


Belarus wants to marry Russia, not Lithuania
Belarus wants to marry Russia, not Lithuania
While Lithuania has a huge crush on Belarus, it is one-sided as she only harbors a hatred for him. Belarus is obsessed with her older brother, Russia, and desires to marry him, so it has been implied that she hates Lithuania for being Russia's "favorite". Lithuania is likely to be unaware of this since he also seems to think little of Belarus's breaking his limbs. He was successful in getting a date with her, but it only lasted for three minutes and ended with all his fingers being broken by her. Naturally, he is oblivious to this as well.


Germany doesn't remember losing
Germany doesn't remember losing
Lithuania fears Germany. One time, Latvia had suggested that they go join forces with Germany instead of staying with Russia. Apparently, Lithuania fears Germany more than he does Russia as he strongly protests Latvia's suggestion. The reason for this is because Lithuania had once defeated Germany and worried about Germany wanting revenge for it. However, it is revealed that Germany doesn't even remember his humiliating defeat. Despite that, he still fears Germany.


Poland offers to help Lithuania fight
Poland offers to help Lithuania fight
Poland tends to be selfish and pushy around Lithuania, often not listening to a thing that Lithuania says. However, they do seem pretty close. Lithuania often thinks of him, but tends to remember how Poland usually drags him around and believes that the other country must think little of him. Despite that, Lithuania once overheard Russia planning to invade Poland. He decides to call Poland to warn him of the upcoming danger, but as he remembers Poland's self-centered treatment of him, he slams the phone back down yelling "That jerk!" Even then, he was still worried and called again later. He even sends someone over to Poland and despite his obvious fear of Russia finding out about this, he asks if they saw any Russian soldiers there. Lithuania's concern for Poland is less one-sided as the series goes on as Poland is shown to defend Lithuania from Russia in the World Meeting. Poland also shows concern for Lithuania when he finds scars on Lithuania's back.


Prussia can't believe he lost to Lithuania
Prussia can't believe he lost to Lithuania
Prussia bullied Lithuania when they were younger. Prussia often throwing things at him as the smaller country was introducing himself. Lithuania then made his own weapons and got battle advice from Hungary. Prussia was also a member of the Teutonic Knights, and battled Lithuania when he was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Unfortunately, Lithuania and Poland's army had chased Prussia's army down all the way to his castle. Luckily for Prussia, Lithuania remembered that he had to harvest the rye fields and left Prussia alone. That did not happen a second time, however, as Lithuania pretended to flee from one battle. Prussia gloated as he was about to kill Poland, but Lithuania caught him off-guard and disarmed him, holding a knife to his neck. That was how Prussia received a blow to his pride as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth defeated the Teutonic Knights that Lithuania rebelled against.


Russia wants Lithuania to "become one with him"
Russia wants Lithuania to "become one with him"
It has been revealed that Russia and Lithuania met when they were both very young one winter. Lithuania's dog had barked at the other country, but Lithuania hushed the dog and asks what the other country is doing here because he might freeze to death. Russia only declares that Lithuania will be his friend when he becomes a big country. Lithuania says they could be friends now, but Russia says that they can't because he must be stronger, and then he can be friends with Lithuania. It is quite the foreshadowing scene... Later on, Russia had forced Lithuania to be a part of the USSR along with the other Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia, when he took the country away from Poland in a battle on a winter night. And the foreshadowing scene came true. Russia became stronger, but Lithuania was his subordinate, his "favorite" subordinate, and not a friend. When Lithuania left Russia to work for America, Russia stops by to tell America to take good care of his ex, Lithuania. Much to his joy, Lithuania was forced to return to him after the Great Depression hit. However, Russia also shows a softer side, as he listens to Lithuania's dream and confides in Lithuania his dream of being in a warm place surrounded by sunflowers. However, it is suggested that the scars on Lithuania's back were probably inflicted by Russia. Even though Lithuania had declared his independence, Russia's treatment of him remains the same. Lithuania trembles in his presence because the trauma never goes away, and Russia sometimes stalks him.
General Information Edit
Name: Lithuania
Name: リトアニア
Romanji: Ritoania
Gender: Male
Birthday: 02/16/1918
1st manga book: Hetalia Axis Powers #1
1st anime episode: Hetalia: Axis Powers #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Toris Laurinaitis
Lietuvos Respublika
"Liet" (by Poland)
Republic of Lithuania
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Attractive Male
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