Lisanna is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 09/03/2011
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Chagot (or Shagotte) explains why she sent 100 Exceed eggs and why Charle has that mission to kill Wendy in her mind. As Chagot hugs Charle, the Exceeds search for the children while Gajeel and Pantherlily become partners. Soon after, Natsu and his friends reunite with Lisanna who explains how she got into Edolas. She embraces Mirajane and Elfman as they both cry happily together upon reuniting after two years.

Plot Summary

The gang is back!
The gang is back!

Everyone crash on top of Natsu as they arrive home. Natsu and his gang stare at Magnolia which looks the same. The Exceeds arrive before Natsu's gang, and they explain that the people did not realize that they have turned into lacrima.

Charle angrily tells the Exceeds to go back to Edolas since they are dangerous, but the Exceeds apologizes to Charle for hurting her. Charle yells at them for ingraining the mission to kill the Dragon Slayers in her mind, and Lucky yells at the Queen for taking his child away from him. However, the elder Exceeds explain their story that goes back six years ago.

Baby Charle
Baby Charle

Because of Chagot's visions of seeing Extalia falling, the elder Exceeds think the humans are at fault before today's events. As Happy ponders why the Exceeds are telling a different story, the elders explain that the Queen has lied about sending the children to kill the Dragon Slayers in Earthland because they cannot say that Extalia is going to fall. It will cause everyone to panic if they say the truth. Somehow, Charle's powers save the world. According to Chagot, Charle's power to see into the future has made her confuse it with her memory.

As Charle's flashbacks occur (her birth and the map of the underground), Chagot tells Charle that she has place the burden of the mission on herself, and Nichiya and Nady apologize to her for taking advantage of her confusion. Out of the bad things that had occurred, the Exceeds find their new goal is to search the children. Yet, Charle asks Chagot why she has the same power as her. Unfortunately, Chagot and the elders evade her question. Happy tells Lucky that Charle and Chagot look alike and move alike.

Chagot embraces Charle
Chagot embraces Charle

After Charle understands her powers, Gray and Natsu starts waving their arms like Nady while Nichiya smells Erza's parfum. Erza punches Nichiya because she mistakes him for a person she knows. (Ichiya) She does apologizes to Nichiya who think Erza is too cruel. Back to Chagot, Chagot tells Wendy and Charle that they will see each other. She hugs Charle who feels warm while Marl tells Happy to visit her and her husband anytime much to Lucky's annoyance. Suddenly, Happy notices that he likes the scent of Lucky and Marl, but Lucky chases Happy for smelling him while Marl cries.

When the Exceeds leave and bid farewell, Lucky asks why Chagot has not tell Charle that she is her mother. Chagot replies that until she finds every child sent from Edolas, she will find out if Charle is truly her daughter. Then Chagot asks Lucky about Happy, but Lucky gets frustrated a bit.

Pantherlily... shrunk?
Pantherlily... shrunk?

Erza, Natsu, Lucy, and Gray wave their arms as they wonder if they should explain what happened in Edolas to their guild and Erza thinks they should inform the guild about Mystogan's resignation. Gajeel asks where his partner, Pantherlily. is. Somehow, Pantherlily appears as a small Exceed because his constitution did not match Earthland's. Pantherlily tells them that he will join the guild that helps his prince; he asks Gajeel if he going to keep his promise. Gajeel hugs Pantherlily with tears of joy.

Pantherlily has also catch a suspicious person, and after Lisanna lands in a puddle, she justifies that she is a Fairy Tail member. As everyone wonders why Lisanna has come with them, Lisanna tackles Natsu with a loving embrace, and then she hugs Happy. As Lisanna gets happy that she gets talk with Gray and Erza, she glances at the new members of Fairy Tail, Lucy and Wendy. When Gray realizes that she is their Lisanna, Natsu and Happy rejoice that Lisanna has come back from the dead. Erza refuses to believe that.

Edolas and Earthland Lisanna exchanging
Edolas and Earthland Lisanna exchanging

Lisanna explains her story starting with a flashback of Mirajane who is begging Lisanna to wake up. Lisanna's body starts to glow and break down. However, she is actually warp by Anima into Edolas. She is welcomed by the Edolas Fairy Tail, and she knows that their Lisanna has already passed away. Lisanna assumes the role of their Lisanna to make Elfman and Mirajane happy. Within the past two years, she has become comfortable living the Edolas life. As of six days ago, Earthland Happy and Natsu arrive. Lisanna realizes that Natsu and Happy is back, but she cannot bare to see Elfman and Mirajane sad again.

In town, Edolas Jet and Droy notice Lisanna is glowing. Before Lisanna can explain, Mirajane and Elfman inform her that they already knew that Lisanna is not theirs. Mirajane tearfully tells Lisanna to make her Earthland brother and sister sad. As Mirajane lets go, Lisanna yells Mirajane's name.

Lisanna is reunited with her siblings
Lisanna is reunited with her siblings

At the Kardia Cathedral, Mirajane and Elfman take a moment in front of Lisanna's grave. Lisanna runs to her siblings and shouts their names. Mirajane and Elfman are astonished that their lost sister is still alive. While Natsu and his gang watch, Lisanna hugs Mirajane first. Elfman joins in, and Mirajane welcomes Lisanna back.

Point of Interest

  • In this episode, Lisanna's fairy tail stamp appears frequently. She has it on her thigh similar to Mirajane.
  • Before Lisanna heads into Edolas, her red Fairy Tail stamp on her left shoulder breaks apart. She has a new white stamp on the side of her left thigh.
  • For odd reason, Happy and Charle do not know that they are meeting their parents, but they notice something familiar with them.
  • For Charle: her looks, her movements, and Charle notices she has similar powers like Chagot.
  • For Happy: his fur color is same as Marl, his behavior is like Lucky, and Happy notices their familiar scent.
  • Timeline: Six years ago, Chagot has ordered 100 eggs sent to Earthland. It is two years since Lisanna has supposedly died. She meets Natsu and Happy six days ago.
  • Gajeel and Pantherlily have become partners. All Dragon Slayers have an Exceed for their partner.
  • Lisanna's grave has the numbers: 768 - 782 and the words, "Beloved Friend and Animal Lover".
  • Unknown Symbolism and Motif: The red umbrella is seen again in this episode. In an episode where Natsu meets Lisanna again, he remembers young Lisanna with a red umbrella who offers to be his friend.

Manga & Anime Differences

*This episode cover volume 24: chapters 198 and 199.

  • Unlike the anime, Erza did not hit Nichiya for smelling her.
  • In the manga, Natsu asks Gajeel to wave his hands. Whereas Natsu and Wendy asks Gajeel to do it.
  • When Lisanna starts to glow and head back to Earthland, she is in the field in front of Mirajane and Elfman. Compared to the anime, she is in the city in front of Mirajane, Elfman, Edolas Gajeel, Natsu and the rest of the guild except Wendy.
  • Unlike the anime, Lisanna's original stamp's disappearance is not explained or revealed.
  • Charle's flashback: The manga version has a plain egg for Charle whereas in the anime Charle has a pink, patterned egg with pink insides. Also, in the manga, Wendy did not hold up the newborn Charle.

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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