Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes is a anime/manga character in the Robotech franchise
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Lisa is a military brat. She is the daughter of a high ranking Admiral and comes from a military family. She joined the Robotech Defense Force and was the executive officer on the SDF-1 Macross until she was given command of the SDF-2 and 3.

The Macross Saga

SDF-1 Bridge Crew
SDF-1 Bridge Crew

Lt Commander Lisa Hayes is the only daughter of Admiral Donald Hayes of the Robotech Defense Force high command. Prior to joining the military she was in love with (and engaged to) a young man named Karl Riber but after joining the military himself he was assigned to Mars Base and was killed during the Earth Civil War. Lisa joined the military and quickly proved herself a very able officer and was eventually stationed on the top secret Super Dimensional Fortress 1 as a bridge officer. Lisa was on the bridge to authorize Rick Hunter's arrival (he was a young civilian stunt pilot visiting his surrogate big brother, Roy Folker). Lisa would be the bridge officer that unknowingly sends Rick Hunter into combat (he had been in a VT-1 Trainer prior to the combat alert with Roy) and after a close call with the Zentradei nearly crashed into Macross City before Lisa gave Rick the instructions on how to transform the variable fighter. When the initial battle was over the two would meet face-to-face (over a vid screen) and Rick would give her the nickname "Old Sourpuss".

When Hunter enlists in the military Lisa recalls his name but does not remember from where until Sammie Porter reminds him that he was the civilian (and Rick remembers she was the "Old Sourpuss" much to Lisa's annoyance). The two then develop a love hate relationship with Lisa riding Rick and Rick (being a lowly enlisted man) begrudgingly following her orders. When the SDF-1 arrives on Mars investigating a distress signal Lisa volunteers to go to the base and investigate (hoping it is her fiance). The distress call is a trap and Lisa manages to save the Battle Fortress by overloading the bases furnace. Rick is sent to retrieve Lisa who has resigned herself to die in her fiances' quarters and Rick, disobeying her orders (but following Captain Gloval's) takes her against her will. Rick is promoted to Lieutenant for his actions and give a squadron of his own (much to Lisa's chagrin) but her opinion of him still does not change. It is not until after Vermillion Squadron & Lisa are taken aboard a Zentradei ship to be interrogated by the Zentradei supreme leader that the pair (after several staged kisses) begin to warm up to one another.

Upon returning to Earth the R.D.F. order the SDF-1 to return to space to draw off the Zentradei. Lisa, during a skirmish with Khyron's forces, misjudges a Daedalus Attack maneuver , and injures Rick with a missle barrage. She has begun to realize that she care for Rick but fights these feelings (but does not fool her best friend and bridgemate, Claudia Grant). After the SDF-1 departs Earth a coupe begins occurring on the Zentradei fleet due to their exposure to Earth Culture. Lisa prepares a report and enroute to Earth is attacked by Zentradei forces. Rick saves her in his VF-1S Veritech utilizing the new Super Packs.

Rick rescues Lisa from the Grand Cannon wreckage.
Rick rescues Lisa from the Grand Cannon wreckage.

After the first Human Zentraedi Wedding Commander Dolza can not allow any more disorder to be brought to his people and orders the destruction of Earth and all Zentradei already in the Sol System destroyed due to emotional contamination. Lisa is stationed at Alaska Base during the attack and is one of only two known survivors of the planetary bombardment. She is saved from the wreckage of the Grand Cannon by Rick Hunter and the two watch the SDF-1 sink into the ground of what will become known as Lake Gloval.

Prelude to Shadow Chronicles

Admiral Lisa Hunter was Captain of the SDF-3 during the R.E.F.'s mission to the Robotech Masters homeworld. She was pregnant at this time but due to General Edwards coupe and the SDF-3 sustained a critical hit. Lisa and Rick lost their child but Lisa survived.

General Information Edit
Name: Lisa Hayes
Name: Misa Hayase
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Robotech #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Old Sourpuss
Recent Movies
Robotech II The Sentinels

Originally planned as a 65 episode series, only three episodes of Robotech the sentinels were animated and reformatted into this movie.

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Attractive Female
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Driving/Piloting Skillzz!
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