Lio Shirazumi

Lio Shirazumi is a anime/manga character in the Kara no Kyoukai franchise
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An antagonist from the Kara no Kyoukai series.


Lio was a classmate to Shiki Ryougi and Mikiya Kokutou while in high school. He developed an obsessive romantic interest in Shiki as such where he befriended Mikiya as a means to get closer to her. When Lio confessed his feelings to Shiki one day, Shiki coldly rejected him, stating that she did not like "weak people".

Depressed over being rejected, Lio sought to confront a schoolmate who bullied others by an arcade game center to attempt proving his worth to Shiki. In this encounter, Lio would deliver a surprise blow to the classmate's head and winded up killing him. In a panic, Lio's Origin (the basis of one's existence) would partially awaken as he decided to consume the classmate's body to destroy evidence of the murder. While seemingly repulsed at first of committing to cannibalism, a visit from Souren Araya would lead Lio to be goaded into completely consuming the corpse of his classmate while breaking his lower jaw. After committing this act, Araya would completely awaken Lio's Origin of "Consumption" which caused him to develop a carnivorous hunger for human flesh.

From that point on, Lio would be involved in a series of grisly murders and he continued to stalk Shiki as he comes to discover her murderous impulses. In an attempt to drive out Shiki's murderous side, Lio committed one of his murders near the Ryougi estate. With Lio driving Shiki's mental state to its breaking point through her attempted suicide, Araya intervened to halt his murder spree and dubbed him a failure in his plans as he sought other individuals. While Lio would halt his murder spree, he would continue to keep observation over Shiki's actions after she recovered from her coma.


Lio was created as an antagonist for Kinoko Nasu's Kara no Kyoukai novel series. His story setup was originally seen as unfit for Kara no Kyoukai's full story scope as he existed as one of three characters whose roles would build up to the revelation of Araya being behind the manipulations for the title's final arc. But in order to properly conclude Mikiya and Shiki's story developments, Lio winded up being used as the final villain of Kara no Kyoukai instead.

Being designed as a handsome young man, Ufotable sought out Souichiro Hoshi to voice Lio for their animated film series for Kara no Kyoukai since he had prior voice work experience acting as "pretty boy" characters. Hearing Lio being voiced by Hoshi led Nasu to admit that the voice was exactly how he would envision the character.



Lio originally had brown hair and eyes, dressing in rather casual clothes. But upon having his Origin awakened, Lio's appearance would mutate as his hair color turned blonde and his eyes turned into a redish-orange color. Because of his fanatical obsession with Shiki, Lio would alter his physical appearance to resemble her and dress in similar clothing as her.


Originally, Lio had a withdrawn and quiet personality as he had a talent for photography and sketching. His obsessive interest in Shiki drove him to regularly stalk her and being rejected by her led him to develop an inferiority complex where he sought to prove his worth to her. While using Mikiya to try getting closer to Shiki, Lio still seen him as a close friend since there were not many classmates he established bonds with.

Upon having his Origin awakened, Lio's mental state would slowly deteriorate due to his obsessive desire to consume human flesh and he seemingly struggles to maintain his original personality as he loses more of himself to his Origin. Hearing of Shiki's murderous side led his warped mind to believe that he and her had a common bond in their desire to kill thus resuming his murder spree to drive her out.


Following Araya's death to Shiki, Lio would resume the murder spree he went on from years earlier in order to draw out Shiki. He was also distributing a drug cocktail called Bloodchip formed by his blood to try drawing out the murderous side of other people. Instead of drawing out said murderous side, the effects of the drug drove people insane and crippled their bodies to the point where they eventually died. When Mikiya comes to discover Lio's connection to the string of murders and distribution of Bloodchip, he confronts Lio and is warned to keep his distance as Lio may not retain enough of his sanity to prevent himself from causing harm to his close friend the next time they meet.

Shiki would eventually confront Lio in his lair at a warehouse. Lio would come to believe that there was the possibility that someone was holding Shiki back from giving into her murderous side. When he states this fact to her as she is about to deliver a finishing blow, Shiki hesitates to kill him due to the mental conflict she has of her desire of wanting to live a normal life. Taking advantage of this opening, Lio would incapacitate her and would come to realize that Mikiya was the one holding Shiki back. He holds back his carnivorous urge to eat Shiki as he still desired to have her as a companion in killing, instead leaving her body paralyzed with a muscle relaxant.

When Mikiya comes to discover Lio's lair, he is also incapacitated and bound up. Still caring for Mikiya despite his mind coming close to being completely lost, Lio attempts to force his friend to take the Bloodchip drug so both could still be together as killers. Instead, Mikiya would defiantly refuse to take the drug and would boast that Shiki had not lowered himself to the depths that Lio had fallen in killing. In a rage, Lio would break Mikiya's leg and stab him in one of his eyes, leading him to be incapacitated.

Assuming Mikiya to be dead, Lio undergoes a mental breakdown as he believes that Shiki has no more mental hindrances to hold her back in being a killer. Shiki had recovered enough from the muscle relaxant to partly free herself from her restraints. Getting another refusal from Shiki to join with him in killing, Lio taunts Shiki with the news that Mikiya is now dead and completely gives into his Origin as he decides to kill Shiki and consume her. Like a predator stalking its prey, Lio would start to injure Shiki's limbs before killing her as the effects of the muscle relaxant still hindered Shiki's ability to fend off his attacks. As Lio prepared to go in for a killing blow to the neck, Shiki would take advantage of the wide space between them to launch attacks that severed Lio's limbs before finally killing him with a deep stab wound to the back.

Powers and Abilities

With his Origin of "Consumption" awakened, Lio's body and mind underwent a great mutation as his body's attributes became heightened and his mind developed the obsessive desire of eating human flesh. He gained superhuman strength and agility that allowed him to easily jump great heights, climb walls and easily overpower Shiki in a knife fight. His body's characteristics underwent a number of alterations as well where outside of his altered hair and eye color, Lio could form retractable claws and had the ability to regenerate lost limbs. Due to his body and mind becoming increasingly warped as he lost more of himself to his Origin, Lio began to move and attack more in the style of a predatory animal.

Voiced by
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Souichiro Hoshi
General Information Edit
Name: Lio Shirazumi
Name: 白純里緒
Romanji: Shirazumi Lio
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Murder Speculation (part 1)
Recent Movies
Murder Speculation (Part 2)

Chronologically the last movie in the series, Shiki goes to investigate the sudden continuation of the murders from four years ago.

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