Lintence Haden

Lintence Haden is a anime/manga character in the Chrome Shelled Regios franchise
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Lintence is a stoic and aloof person with heavy chain-smoking habit. One of the strongest Heaven's Blade Successors from Grendan who taught Layfon the use of Steel Threads.


Lintence did not born in Grendan. He lived in Welzhelm, a different moving city until it's eventual downfall. After that event he became a wanderer and presumably traveled from one city to another. He possessed exceptional skills as a Military Artist and wished to face strong opponents. That's how he arrived to Grendan. The Queen quickly noted the flow of unusually strong Kei in Lintence and challenged him to a duel. They fought in the outskirts but Alsheyra completely outclassed him. Lintence suffered a humiliating defeat and swore loyalty to her by becoming one of the 12 Heavens Blade Successors. That was decades ago. Circa 5 years prior to the story he became interested in the powers of the newest Heavens Blade wielder, the just 10 years old Layfon. The boy's incredible rate to learn new Kei techniques intrigued Lintence and made Layfon his first and probably only discipline. He trained the boy and taught how to use the Steel Threads, a weapon requiring exceptional finesse and skill.


Lintence is a supporting character that appears in the anime/manga/light novels franchise Chrome Shelled Regios originally written by Shūsuke Amagi. He's one of the Heavens Blade Successors and the former teacher of Layfon. He appeared first in the 2nd volume of the light novels but the anime briefly featured him as early as in the first episode. His primary role to be a teacher figure to Layfon.

Lintence is a man seemingly somewhere between in his late 30s to early 40s, although few things point to that he's much older than he appears. He has shaggy black hair that probably never saw a comb. His choice of clothes involve black trousers and a simple white shirt. He also wears dark longcoat with a decoration like the shape of cross on the back.

Lintence is aloof and cold He looks uninterested and outright bored most of the time which annoys everyone who knows him. Lintence's notably a heavy chain smoker, a habit he rarely cease even in the middle of combat. He's level-headed and only does whatever the Queen has ordered him to do. He seems to be slightly nihilistic and doesn't care about anything Although like most Heavens Blade Successors Lintence does enjoy fighting, especially against strong opponents. His weapon of choice is Sougenkyou (aka. Steel Threads). They're countless invisibly thin strings which he uses to slice any opposition to pieces.

Character Evolution

While Lintence did have a considerable impact on Layfon's development, Lintence himself didn't change at all since his first appearance. The light novels revealed more about his character but in the end they were flashbacks and as a whole Lintence's character remained static. The first artwork on Lintence came with the 7th volume. It was the main cover drawn by Myu and featured Savaris, Layfon and Lintence fighting the huge Behemoth.

Major Story Arcs

While the light novels and the anime relatively followed the same plot, they did have differences.

Light Novels

Volume 2

Lintence appears in Layfon's flashback when he remembers his training at the use of Steel Threads. Layfon was enchanted by the power and effectiveness of the Steel Threads and explains the effort he put into mastering the technique. Yet even by now he felt very far from Lintence's skill. At one time Layfon saw Lintence defeating a group of powerful Mature Stage Filth Monsters alone. Later he tried to imitate the same technique but failed. In the end he injured himself badly and got sent to the hospital. Lintence visited him and gave Layfon a harsh lecture: “Are you a moron?” Would spiders stick to their webs? Then do those spiders that do have a right to live? A spider that’s not a spider wants to become a spider. You need a thousand times, a million times, a billion times more practice than a true spider to become one. Moron! You’re worse than a newly born tiny spider. It’s too soon to want to weave a spider web when you don’t even know how to emit silk. Go and start practicing from the very beginning!”

Volume 3

Savaris and Lintence were tasked by the Queen to guard Leerin . They were watching Leerin all day and followed her everywhere and occasionally bickering with each other. Savaris and Lintence were the opposites of each other but they were getting on relatively well. Later at night the reason behidn lerin's sudden escort were revealed. A parasitic Filth Monster were roaming freely in Grendan. Savaris deliberately let the monster to possess one of his former students, Gahard Barren. He was practically half-dead and hospitalized. He also happened to have intense grudge against Layfon. The infected Gahard seeked Layfon's close relatives for revenge and attacked Leerin and Deruk. But before he could land the finishing blow on Deruk Savaris interrupted and draw out the Filth Monsters. Meanwhile Lintence prepared a battlefield for the the possessed gahard and Savaris above the ground, in the shape of a cableway made out of Steel Threads. Savaris wanted a one-on-one duel with Gahard and in case if the later escaped it was Litnence's responsibility to destroy the monster. Savaris defeated Gahard with ease, even tough the later had considerable boost in power. Meanwhile Lintence observed the battle from distance and were wondering on Layfon's potential at learning new Kei techniques.

Volume 7

Lintence was featured in a flashback where he, Layfon and Savaris fought against the huge Mature Stage Filth Monster, Behemoth. The creature was like a mud doll with size towering above Grendan and while not too durable it possessed almost invincible regeneration abilities. The battle seemed to be endless and Lintence warned Layfon to be careful. That surprised Savaris who beleived Lintence is a cold and antisocial person. After 3 days of constant battle Lintence came to the conclusion they must destroy Behemoth to the very last cell. He ordered Layfon and Savaris to prepare for emptying out their last ounce of Kei for one overpowering attack. Lintence did the same and initiated the assault with Sougenkyouku - Houraku that reduced the monster to a pile of disorganized flesh and destroyed circa 1/3 of its cells. Then both Layfon and Savaris unleashed their attacks at the same time. Savaris used thousands of clones that simultaneously unleashed Roar Kei and reduced 1/3 of the cells to dust. The same instant Layfon launched a colossal pillar of condensed Kei that crushed the rest and destroyed the last 1/3 of Behemoth's cells.

Volume 12



Episode 1

Limbekoom's end
Limbekoom's end

In the prologue and epilogue of the first episode we have a flashback of Layfon, Lintence and Savaris fighting a Mature Stage Filth Mosnter, Limbekoom. Lembekoom shares many similarities with Behemoth but it's much smaller and more insect-like in shape plus able to shoot larvae on the city. After a tough battle they manage to defeat it. Lintence seals the monster's movements then Savaris proceeds a dive through the monster's body. As a finisher Layfon runs up on Limbekoom's back while his sword grows huge and slashes the monster in two with a single move. Unlike the novels, Lintence didn't initiate the assault but does the last attack where his Steel Threads crush the remaining body of Limbekoom in a violent explosion.

Episode 8-9

Like the events of Volume 3, Savaris and Lintence are tasked to protect Leerin and to slay the parasite-like Filth Monster roaming freely in Grendan. Although Lintence's scenes were considerably shortened and he assumed an even more passive role in this arc. Savaris also used Lintence's Steel Threads to bind and torture Gahard, something he explicitly did not do in the original novels.

Episode 24

In the anime-original ending Lintence and the Heavens Blade Successors took major role at defeating the other half of Dying Slave which were approaching Grendan. Using his Steel Threads Lintence made a lasso and pulled the monster down from the sky. Following that he generated ropes and gave them to the other Heavens Blade Successors to use and restrain Dying Slave strictly to the ground. In the end all 11 Heavens Blade Successors launched a combined attack on Dying Slave, quickly evaporating him. They let the other half of Dying Slave for Layfon to deal with.

Abilities & Powers

Note: the following part covers Lintence's abilities from the originally and cannon light novel source. There are considerable differences between the light novel and the anime version of Lintence, at least in regards of power.


Immense Kei: Like any of the Heavens Blade Successors, Lintence has monstrous amounts of Kei. His level of power is simply incomprehensible for regular Military Artists. The Queen even noted that Lintence has has probably the most power amongst her 12 Heavens Blades.

Super Speed: Due to his fighting style Lintence's level of speed is unknown but he had no problems with keeping up with Layfon. Said Layfon was capable of casually disappearing from the sight of regular Military Artists and was able to pass hundreds of meters in a blink of eye. Seeing how other Heavens Blade Successors had similar feats it's very likely that Lintence is at the same level, if not higher.

Super Strength: Lintence was never engaged in direct physical combat. Although seeing the power of other Heavens Blade Successors and the mechanics of Internal Kei, his strength should be rather high. Lintence's Steel Threads are also capable of cutting through both concrete or steel and slice up Filth Monsters with casual effort.

Super Senses: All Military Artists have heightened senses. That's double true to Heavens Blade Successors like Lintence. At least he's capable of seeing his own Steel Threads which are so thin that invisible to the naked eye.

Super Stamina: Lintence has superhuman stamina. He's able to fight for 3 days straight without any food and water and still does not tire. The flow of Internal Kei maintains his body and helps to recover the lost energy immediately. Additionally Lintence is able to empty out his entire Kei reserves in 10 seconds but still recover enough energy to fight after 2 seconds of pause.

Steel Threads (Sougenkyoku 繰弦曲): Lintence's weapon of choice, countless invisibly thin metallic strings which originate from 10 rings located on his fingers. Each thread is connected to Lintence's nerves and move like an extension of his body. It's been stated that only people with sight at the rank of Heavens Blade Successor can see the Steel Threads or have a chance to avoid them. The total number of Lintence's Steel Threads is unknown but Layfon judged it to be at least 100 millions. Each thread is powerful enough to slice through stone, steel or the armor-like carapace of Filth Monsters and Lintence is able to attack from multiple angles at once to overwhelm the opponent. Even if someone were to avoid the initial weave, Lintence can release intense heat and the pressure of his Kei through them as punishment. The Steel threads have considerable range as Lintence was able to extend them outside Grendan's reaches. lastly, Lintence can shape multiple Steel threads into various forms for powerful techniques and specific functions.

Super Durability: The toughness of Lintence's body is unknown since he never got hit. Although he's likely on par with other Heavens Blade Successors. On the other hand Lintence is capable of emerging complicated shield formation to deflect enemy attacks in an instant. Layfon noted that even if he tried, he would never had a chance to pierce Lintence's shields with any of his External Kei blasts.

Tracking: Lintence is able to feel through his Steel Threads like they were just part of his body. He can use these to scan an area quickly and be aware of his surroundings without the need to rely on his vision. His ability to search is about on par with powerful Psychokinesists in both range and effectiveness.


Sakkei: The ability to mask one's presence and conceal their Kei emission. It's a very common technique though hard to master. Lintence's skill at Sakkei is unknown but likely high.

"Sewing": Unnamed technique. Lintence is able to seal up wounds and cauterize them with the heat of his Kei. He seems to have considerable skill at anatomy and surgery since he managed to save Savaris who had a hole in his neck.

Sougenkyouku - Hanemushi: Lintence collects his Steel Threads to create a large drill core which he rams against the opponent's chest. Followed by a series of violent Kei explosions the Steel Threads pierce the body and force themselves in through the gap. They tear up the body from the inside and explode it with an overpowering pressure of Kei. At full power this technique managed to destroy the upper half of Behemoth, a monster which was larger than even Grendan.

Sougenkyouku - Houraku: Lintence generates a spherical barrier around his opponent, made out of his Steel Threads. He then proceeds bombarding the foe with intense heat and explosive pressure. At full power Lintence managed to destroy 1/3 of Behemoth's body to the last cell. Although at such output the technique emptied out his Kei reserves in just 10 seconds.

Sougenkyouku - Needle Setup: Ingenious trap against large groups. Lintence lays down a net of Steel Threads bellow his opponents. Once he activates Needle Setup, the Steel Threads like spikes rise up to impale anyone in the area. Used by Layfon but he supposedly learned it from Lintence.

Voiced by
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Vic Mignogna
Daisuke Kirii
General Information Edit
Name: Lintence Haden
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Chrome Shelled Regios #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Lintence Savoleid Haden
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