Lin Grace

Lin Grace is a anime/manga character in the Eiken franchise
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Lin Grace is a British member of the club and is followed around by Kuma. She met Densuke when he was in one of the club building's looking for Chiharu to return her wallet. Kuma had just attacked and she offered him tea.

She is the daughter of a CEO to a major company and is it's heiress. She is in fact so wealthy in fact that she has an old european style castle as her room, and must fly to and from school everyday on a personnel jet.

Grace is unbelievably strong and well trained in martial arts. Once destroying a giant test your strength machine with a single palm thrust and even taking care of a small army that had kidnapped her by herself. She is so strong that her bodyguard Leon's actual job is not to protect her from attacker's but to protect attacker's from her. Despite her strength she is afraid of ghosts.

She is an avid fortune teller and will often try to tell Densuke his fortune. Usually by holding him close from behind or other such intimate acts.

Grace, like some other anime characters, walks around with closed eyes which she still seems able to see through. She only opens them when she is serious. They are a shade of brown.

Although Grace is British she is very china oriented. Dressing in too short Chinese dresses most of the time and keeping her long hair up in loop's held by baubles with ogre faces, which along with her bracelets are actually heavy weights which restrict her strength. She is only an A cup and not very busty when compared to others in the series. However because her dress is so short she tends to reveal her underwear when she bends over.

She like many other girls in the series likes Densuke but at the same time tends to forget he's there.    

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Mona Marshall
Touko Itou
General Information Edit
Name: Lin Grace
Name: グレース鈴
Romanji: Gurēsu Rin
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Eiken #1
1st anime episode: Eiken #1
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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