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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first blog of the Legend of Korra reports. I decided to titled it as discussion. Let me know if there's a better title until we catch up to the current episode and we call this Weekly Legend of Korra.

This blog is dedicated to the fans and wiki editors who are working on Legend of Korra. Please everyone give them a round applause to the wiki editors. Let's go over the first two episodes.


Episode 1: Welcome to Republic City

Forty years after the death of Avatar Aang, the new Avatar was discovered in the South Pole; a waterbender named Korra. Displaying talents at an early age, she is sent to train for her life to become the Avatar of this cycle. With three elements down and one left to master, Korra must turn to a master who can help her realize her potential and carry on the legacy of Aang.

Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind

As Korra grows accustomed to life in Republic City, she begins training to master the art of airbending. As challenges mount for her in her new environment, Korra becomes enamored with the latest sport: pro-bending. Tenzin tries to keep her on the right path but the two continue to fight until a realization is made that causes everyone to see things in a new light.

By Wales


What did you guys and gals find good and bad? What things did you miss from this Avatar the Last Airbender series that this show lack?


  • Refreshing Changes: Korra is a strong female protagonist who is the opposite of Aang. She is a bit brash, reckless girl who fights rather than run away.
  • Pro-bending: Legend of Korra brings some action with a tournament that pits three bending disciplines together.
  • Legend of Korra's sense of humor is just bright as its predecessor.


  • The transfer between two series is pretty rough. For those who have not read Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise, the questions that are left unanswered still remain elusive in the first two episodes. Viewers do not have a chance to hear Katara's story on Zuko's mother. Don't worry, the show will fill some gaps as it progresses.
  • In ElfenLied1012's review of Legend of Korra: She and fans talk about how the setting in Legend of Korra lacks the sense of exploration and experiencing different cultures, philosophies, and different martial styles. There are more things she points out. Please check out her first impressions.

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Wiki Progress

Wales has finished plot summaries for episodes 1 through 7 with Toxin45 adding associations. In the character department, Wales did an outstanding job in the characters. He completed origin through powers sections for Korra, Tenzin, Amon, Lin Bei Fong, Lieutenant, and Bolin. Egan and Toxin45 are also adding associations to the characters. Most of the characters have more their origin and creation sections completed. Please check out the wiki articles on the characters.


Please contribute to the wiki pages.

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Thank you everyone for reading this weekly article.


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