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Lin Beifong is a anime/manga character in the Avatar franchise
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Lin Bei Fong is the daughter of the late Toph Bei Fong and Chief of Police in Republic City.


Lin Bei Fong is the daughter of the prestigious Toph Bei Fong who was taught at an early age how to bend Earth and eventually Metal as her mother had founded the art. She had worked with her mother in the school she created to teach Metal Bending but eventually became a police officer in Republic City where she would teach fellow officers the art of Metal Bending to subdue prisoners. Some time later, she would become the Chief of Police in the city as she would keep a high code of rules and orders to follow despite a person's title. It was during this time that her mother passed on, having a statue of her built outside the police station. She would also become acquantined Avatar Aang and Katara, as well as their son Tenzin, a councilor of Republic City as it is revealed that she was once in love with him before he married Pema.


Lin Bei Fong was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for the new series in the Avatar franchise: the Legend of Korra. She is meant to carry on the legacy of her mother Toph as she shares several characteristics with her. She makes her first appearance in Episode 1: Welcome to Republic City and is voiced by Mindy Sterling in the English version.

Character Evolution

Lin shares some traits that her mother possessed when she was still alive, such as the notion not to judge a person by their title but by the merit of their actions. However, she is much stricter than her mother ever was. Lin keeps to the rules of the city that her mother and friends helped to create and upholds the law as the Chief of Police for Republic City. Her unflinching demeanor and cold shoulder has caused her to butt heads at times with Korra as it is revealed that she and Tenzin used to date before the two drifted apart more and more. Despite the feeling of animosity, she is able to put aside her differences and distaste for Korra when she sees how well she fought the Equalists as the two begin to get along better than when Korra entered Republic City.

Major Story Arcs

Welcome to Republic City

When Korra first arrives to Republic City after leaving the watchful eye of the White Lotus, she has a few run ins with the police before she is arrested for destruction of property and vigilantism during a shake down by members of the Triple Threat Triads on an innocent shopkeeper. Lin interrogates Korra as she figures out who Lin really is. She makes the argument that since her past life and her mother were good friends, she should be let go. Lin chastises her for this, not caring she is the Avatar as she states that the police are here to bring justice not her. Tenzin interupts the meeting and comes to an agreement with Lin: the charges will be dropped if Korra returns to the South Pole immediately. Lin reluctantly agrees but is disappointed to find that Tenzin changed his mind. Lin isn't heard from again until Tarrlok hosts a gala in Korra's honor. The two butt heads once more as Lin declares that Korra has nothing to be proud about as she has accomplished nothing in the city. However, she does show concern when she sees how Tarrlok set up the event to goad Korra into joining his task force.

Rise of the Equalists

When Amon threatens the Pro-Bending Championship, the Council elects to close the arena as Korra states that doing this is letting Amon win. Lin iinterjects, reluctantly agreeing with Korra as they need to stand proud against the Equalists. She proposes having her officers stand guard over the arena as Tarrlok and the rest of the Council change their votes except Tenzin. During a conversation, Tenzin states that Lin and Aang got on well as did he and she. Korra, remembering a conversation she had with Pema, deduces correctly that the two were an item which Tenzin admits. He confronts Lin, stating that they need to put aside their differences and work together as well as to give Korra a chance. Lin sighs, agreeing to do so only for a while.

However, when the Equalists strike at the end of the Championship match, Lin is quickly disposed off by an Equalist wielding a shock glove. When she comes to, she sees Korra going after Amon and gives her a boost with her chains to pursue. She follows behind as the two women fight off the chi-blockers and the Lieutenant. When each had an opportunity to capture Amon, they chose to stay behind and help the other as Lin developed a sense of respect and admiration for Korra that was not there before. After this, Tarrlok shifts all the blame to her as she works exclusively with Tenzin and Korra to bust several warehouses with the technology they used. When Korra presents information that Hiroshi Sato was the one who supplied the Equalists, Lin felt it made sense as she received access to all of his warehouses. It was then the group was tipped off on a secret warehouse under Sato's home. Discovering massive mechas that are made of Platinum, an element metalbenders can't manipulate, they all battle with Hiroshi, the Lieutenant, and several Equalists. Defeated, Hiroshi plans on giving them all to Amon when Mako, Bolin, and Asami rescue her, Tenzin, and Korra. As they flee, Lin states she has failed her men and the city, planning on resigning from the police so she can hunt Amon outside the parameters of the law.

War of Republic City

Lin resigns as Chief of Police in Republic City as Saikhan assumes the responsibilities while she recovers from her injuries from the raid on Hiroshi's factory. However, a few days later, she hears about Korra's abduction by the Equalists as she suits up and heads to the prison. Freeing Asami, Bolin, and Mako after their incarceration by Tarrlok, they get Tenzin to help them as they discover and underground Equalist compound. Lin uses her seismic senses to locate the prison as she finds her men who were abducted a few days earlier. Discovering Korra is not there, they realize that Tarrlok was behind the ruse as he bloodbends them unconscious. They awaken to find him missing but Korra returns later that evening. Asking what happened, Korra confirms that Yakone was Tarrlok's father and that Amon showed up and stole Tarrlok's bending. Tenzin leaves for the Council but asks Lin to watch over his family. When the Equalists begin their assault on the city, Lin defends the Air Acolytes as Pema goes into labor. She is able to push back the Equalists but is roped up. Before they can act, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo save her as Tenzin returns to the island. Knowing they are the last airbeneders in the world, Lin agrees to go with them into hiding before Tenzin returns to fight. However, the air bison cannot out run the zeppelins as Lin dives on to the first one, destroying it before she is captured. She is taken to Amon where he offers her a deal: if she reveals where Tenzin and Korra are, she'll be allowed to keep her bending. She violently refuses as Amon robs Lin of her bending before she passes out.


Earth Bending

As the daughter of a notable earthbender, Lin has excelled in all forms of earthbending. From the arts of it, she has learned the ways of seismic sense, the ability that allowed her mother to see despite being blind. She, as well as other police officers, have retractable soles on their armor to allow their feet to touch the earth to sense what is around them as well as bend the element as well.

Metal Bending

Toph being the original metal bender and opening a school for it, Lin learned from the original master as the police in Republic City learned how to bend metal. Lin's abilities include using two coils of metal on her back as whips and to maneuver around the city (akin to Spiderman), bending metal doors and hand cuffs in her detention centers. Lin is able to fight off several attackers with her metal whips and subdue escaping prisoners as well as using momentum to launch herself into the air.

Voiced by
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Mindy Sterling
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Name: Lin Beifong
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: The Legend of Korra #1
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Aliases Chief Bei Fong
Lin Bei Fong
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