Limon is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Limon is the Sommelier of the Bishokukai. She was capable of entering the Gourmet World before much of the rest of the organization.


Limons origin is completely unknown at this point in the story.

Character Evolution


Limon has the appearance of a tall, curvaceous woman, with long black hair and what is seemingly large purple tattoos just under her eyes covering the entirety of her cheeks.

Her attire consists of a short one piece purple dress, coupled with black high heel shoes and long stockings

(During her introduction in the anime, her hair appeared orange, this was later corrected by the time of her true appearance.)

Major Story Arcs

Cooking Festival Arc

Somiller is seen gathering with fellow Gourmet Corps members Starjun, Grinpatch, Elg, Chiyo and Tommyrod, as they prepare to head out towards the island hosting the Cooking Festival from their Headquarters in the Gourmet World.

After their arrival at the Cooking Festival, Limon is seen descending into the cooking stadium with Chiyo and Elg not long after the Gourmet Corps started to attack. Having split off from her fellow Gourmet Corps members, she arrived at another location with the Gourmet Corps 2nd Branch Chief Yuu, meeting heavy resistance from the Gourmet Yakuza, Gourmet knights and various powerful Gourmet Hunters, much to her and Yuus amusement. She calmly says that she will provide them with the ultimate "Mode of Death" as she is the "Sommelier of Death".

As the Gourmet Yakuza members open fire on her, she activates her Damage Tasting ability and promptly absorbs all of their bullets, she then followed it up by "fermenting" the damage within her body stating that it always tastes better if its given time to mature, and finally she activates her "Uncorking" sending all the damage back to the Gourmet Yakuza members killing them.

General Information Edit
Name: Limon
Name: リモン
Romanji: Rimon
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Sommelier of Death
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