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Limited Wardrobe is a anime/manga concept
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Limited Wardrobe applies when a character wears the same outfit constantly, regardless of the setting or season, despite it being non-mandatory as opposed to wearing a uniform.


Limited Wardrobe is a concept or trope that appears across all kinds of fiction including television, video games, cartoons, anime and manga. Characters appear to wear the same outfit for very long periods of time, even if they only appear to have one set of those clothes. This isn't limited to only one outfit, but generally speaking a character is shown in one outfit for a long period of time before changing to another outfit, either briefly or permanently. It should be noted that characters who are required to wear certain clothes, like students, teachers, doctors and so on, are generally exempt from this.

Anime & Manga

In anime and manga, this is most prevalent in shounen series, such as Pokémon or Dragon Ball. Characters very rarely change their wardrobe, and even when it's extremely hot or cold they will usually just shed a layer or add a coat or scarf. More notable exceptions to the rule include wearing swimsuits to go swimming, but such cases usually only last an episode/chapter or two before the character puts their usual outfit back on again.

Notable Examples

Over 700 episodes, only 4 main outfits
Over 700 episodes, only 4 main outfits
  • In Pokémon, almost all characters of any significance have a limited wardrobe. In the anime, Ash, Brock, Misty and other protagonists generally wear the same outfits for entire seasons at a time before changing into something new. Gym Leaders and other characters are usually seen in the same outfits too. In the manga Pokémon Adventures, Ruby's closet is actually shown to have several sets of the same clothes inside.
  • In Dragon Ball, Goku is almost always seen wearing a Martial Arts Gi, as are several other characters, regardless of any ongoing threat. Vegeta is also seen in Battle Armor just as often. In the Dragon Ball Z special Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return!, Vegeta points out that Goku looks ready for battle in his Gi, and Goku points out that Vegeta's also wearing Armor, which he counters by saying it is also "Saiyan formal wear".
  • In Sekirei, virtually every named character, and especially the Sekirei themselves, have one outfit they constantly wear. Musubi occasionally changes into a school gym uniform while her regular outfit is being washed, repaired or replaced.
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