Light Hawk Wings

Light Hawk Wings is a anime/manga concept
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Large blades of powerful energy used as a defensive ability by Juraian spaceships and certain individuals.

Light Hawk Wings are powerful blades of energy that are used primarily as a defensive system by converting any energy that attacks it into a harmless form. The wings can also be used as a powerful offense, but they can't be simultaneously used for offense and defense. Converting the wings into an offensive weapon will make its controller vulnerable to attack. As a defense, the Light Hawk Wings are the most powerful defensive power in the universe as it would take a large amount of cosmic power to penetrate them. It was once believed that Juraian spaceships were the only mediums capable of creating the Light Hawk Wings thanks to having their power passed down by the origin ship, Tsunami, which was capable of generating ten Light Hawk Wings. First and second generation Juraian ships are capable of creating up to three Light Hawk Wings to protect against attack, while later generations of ships had to combine together to gather the necessary power to generate Light Hawk Wings.

However, it was later shown that Tenchi was capable of creating three of his own Light Hawk Wings without having to draw upon power from Tsunami. He was also capable of material conversion with the wings as he made them into a shield, sword and armor. They would also automatically protect Tenchi whenever he was in great danger. Z was also shown capable of generating five Light Hawk Wings. He would later reveal that the Light Hawk Wings were a manifestation of a power that came from a higher plane of existence coming from the Choushin's search for a higher being. The Choushin triggered a number of space and time anomalies throughout the Tenchi multi-verse to trigger a circumstance where the higher being would unveil itself. Individuals who were able to generate Light Hawk Wings on their own thanks to these anomalies were regarded as 'potentials.'

General Information Edit
Concept Name Light Hawk Wings
Japanese Name: 光鷹翼
Romaji Name: Kohohyoku
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki #5
1st anime movie: Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness
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