Life or Death!? Mastering the Move is Life Threatening!

Life or Death!? Mastering the Move is Life Threatening! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 10/29/2003
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Chunin Exams Arc

Live or Die: Risk It All to Win It All! - 生か死か!?免許皆伝は命懸け! (Sei ka shi ka!? Menkyo kaiden wa inochi kake!)


Opening Theme-

"Kanashimi wo Yasashisani (悲しみをやさしさに)" by little by little (Japan)

"Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (U.S. TV)

Naruto is still attempting to perform the Summoning Jutsu, but the result is always the same – TADPOLE! Jiraiya, on the other hand, is too busy watching girls in their swimsuits. Naruto gets frustrated with the tadpole and even more frustrated with Jiraiya’s lack of support. While demanding for Jiraiya’s attention, he collapses to the ground due to his fatigue. Jiraiya expected Naruto’s collapse since Naruto was training for three weeks on determination alone.

Anko, who feels guilt for surviving in the Forest of Death, went to see the Third Hokage. The Third Hokage tells Anko not to feel guilty since she is not connected to Orochimaru anymore. He then says that there is no ninja in the village that could defeat him, even himself. Anko then wishes that the Fourth Hokage was still alive. The Third Hokage told her that she shouldn’t wish that, since the Fourth Hokage sacrificed himself for the well-being of the village and those he loved. He also tells her that it is in past, and they cannot change that. They should strive to accomplish what they have to accomplish with what they have. The Third heads out his office, and before he leaves he tells Anko not to blame herself.

Jiraiya wakes Naruto up by dumping water on his face. After Naruto jolts up, Jiraiya tells him that it’s pointless for him to continue training, since he’s still in the same level after three weeks. Naruto tells him to give him a break since he is trying the best he can. Jiraiya tells him that if he really wants to succeed, then he needs to train like his life depends on it. Naruto snaps back, telling him that that’s what he has been doing the whole time. Naruto then asks him to teach him a trick or two. Jiraiya tells him that he needs to put his own life at risk. He then asks Naruto if he is willing to risk his own life, despite the danger. Naruto agrees and says that there is no point in training unless you go all the way. Jiraiya gets up and tell Naruto to follow him. Naruto follows Jiraiya, with a confused look on his face.

Jiraiya takes Naruto to a bath house. Naruto asks him what they’re doing in a place like that, hoping that it’s not for peeking at girls. Jiraiya tells him that it’s not for peeking, and that they are there to purify their bodies. Naruto is confused. While they are at the bath, Naruto can tell there is something weird going on. Jiraiya relaxes in the bath, and voices his thoughts about the bath, saying that it’s such a nice bath, and emphasizes how “heavenly” it is.

After bathing, Naruto follows Jiraiya through the forest that heads to the village. Naruto breaks the silence by asking him what bathing has to do with the Summoning Jutsu. Jiraiya doesn’t reply. Naruto starts calling out to Jiraiya, who suddenly stops, causing Naruto to crash into his back. Jiraiya turns and asks Naruto if there is something he’d like to eat. Naruto replies with a confused “huh?”

Jiraiya takes Naruto to Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto is very happy and asks Jiraiya why training can’t be like this every day. Jiraiya tells him that it’s good that he’s happy, and then he mutters that it might be his last meal. Naruto didn’t hear what he muttered and turns to Jiraiya, expecting him to repeat what he said. Jiraiya pretends to cough and tells him that it’s nothing. He then tells him to eat like there is no tomorrow and begins to laugh hysterically. Naruto doesn’t understand why Jiraiya is laughing and he turns back to his ramen. After finishing a bowl, he orders more and more.

After being completely full, Naruto complements the chef and turns to thank Jiraiya for the treat. When he turns, Jiraiya was gone. Naruto couldn’t believe that Jiraiya left without paying, and he was stuck paying the bill. As Naruto walks down the street and sulking over his empty wallet, Jiraiya appears, asking him if he’s full. Naruto snaps and tells him that he was supposed to treat him to that meal. As Naruto rants and hits Jiraiya, Jiraiya asks him if there is a girl that he likes. Naruto stops and blushes and after a lot of muttering and stuttering, tells him that it’s Sakura. Jiraiya then tells him that they’ll go see her because Naruto is going to give her a big hug! Naruto, being surprised by Jiraiya’a rash decision, exclaims “WHAT!” Naruto then asks Jiraiya if it’s part of his training and Jiraiya replies hesitantly saying that it is close enough. Naruto gets excited and is about to go ahead, but he stops himself and begins to second guess what he’s about to do. He’s scared that Sakura would beat him and wouldn’t talk to him after he does it. After a lot of hesitation, Jiraiya gets fed up and just kicks Naruto, forcing him to go.

Sakura impatiently asks Naruto what he wants, but Naruto keeps fiddling with his fingers. Sakura tells him that she won’t give him any money if he asks. Naruto tells her that that’s not what he wants. Naruto had no idea how to tell her that he wants to hug her because it’s part of his training. Sakura then tells him that if he’s not going to say anything, she will leave. As she’s turning away, Naruto places a hand on her shoulder and turns her towards him. He then reaches his arms out to her to hug her. Sakura, whose eyes were closed at first, opens and sees what Naruto is about to do. She clenches her fist, and punches him in the face. Naruto falls back, with a bloody nose, and Sakura stomps away angrily. Jiraiya witnesses this, and sighs about how young people are these days.

Naruto follows Jiraiya, asking him that if he does what he asks for then will he actually summon a frog. Jiraiya assures Naruto. He then asks Naruto if he has left anything undone, or if he still had things he wanted to do. Naruto, who is confused with Jiraiya’s question, didn’t get the chance to ask what he meant because Jiraiya knocks him out. Jiraiya knows that Naruto’s body is too small of a vessel for the Nine-Tail Fox, and that his body suppresses its chakra because it cannot control it. Jiraiya also knows that the key to pull out the Nine-Tail’s chakra is danger and emotion. Jiraiya wants Naruto to physically experience the danger and emotion so he can learn how to automatically summon the Fox’s chakra. Jiraiya carries Naruto over his shoulder and starts walking. He then apologizes to the Fourth Hokage, saying that it’s nothing personal.

Jiraiya throws Naruto on the ground. Naruto gets up slowly and looks around, asking Jiraiya where they are. Jiraiya yells at Naruto, ordering him to get up. Jiraiya then tells him that his training ends now. Naruto snaps and tells Jiraiya that they didn’t do anything yet. Jiraiya tells Naruto that he needs to experience death and come back. Once he stares death in the face, he will be able to release enormous chakra. Jiraiya then tells Naruto that if doesn’t want to die, then he should do something about it now. After saying that, Jiraiya taps Naruto’s forehead with such force that Naruto gets pushed back with enormous speed. When Naruto stops, he looks down and realizes that he is in midair and is about to fall into a deep trench. Naruto begins to fall down very fast. He tries to grab onto the rocks but they are too slippery. Jiraiya knows that the only thing Naruto can do is use the Fox's chakra to perform the summoning jutsu. Naruto begins to panic and knows that if he doesn’t do something, he will die.

Iruka-sensei takes his students to observe the rock faces of the hokages. Konohamaru laughs at his grandfather’s receeding hairline. The Third Hokage joins the students, and Iruka begins to explain to the students about the Third Hokage. The students didn’t believe that the Third was that strong and they began to scorn him. Iruka yells at his students and tells them that to be entitled hokage means that you must be the strongest in the whole village. The Third Hokage begins to talk to the students explaining that someday, there will be a hokage that might rise from them. He also explains that it doesn’t matter what route they take in life, but the most important thing is to protect the ones most precious to them. He then glances at the Forth’s rock face and thinks to himself that it must’ve been the same for him.

Naruto wakes up and he is in a place he doesn’t recognize. He keeps waking and he says that he can feel the presence of the “red chakra”. He walks into a room and sees a big gate with a label that says “seal”. Naruto hears a voice from the gate, telling him to come closer. When Naruto looks into the gate, giant claws reach out and attempt to attack him. The voice then says how it would like to eat and kill Naruto, but the sealing spell confines him behind the gate. Naruto realizes that the voice belongs to the Nine-Tail Fox. He then understands that the red chakra is actually the Fox’s chakra. The Fox then asks him what business he has with him. Naruto then tells him that since he lives inside him, he owes him rent, so he should pay by giving him his chakra. The Fox knows that he cannot kill Naruto because if Naruto dies, then he dies. He then acknowledges Naruto’s bravery and his ability to come as far as the gate, and gives him his chakra.

Naruto feels the chakra of the Fox and performs the Summoning Jutsu. This time it is a success, and a large toad is summoned. Jiraiya is proud of Naruto after realizing that the toad has been summoned. Naruto lands on the toad’s back, and the giant toad yells out “Where am I?!”

Ending Theme-

"Viva Rock ~Japanese Side~ (ビバ★ロック ~japanese side~)" by Orange Range

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Masashi Kishimoto Original Concept He is the creator, writer, and artist, of the successfully popular manga and anime series: NARUTO
Rion Kujo Episode Director
Yukimaro Otsubo Animation Director


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