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Life Fibers are parasitic thread-like creatures from outer space. They are used in Goku and Kamui uniforms to augment human strength and bring out special abilities.


Life Fibers are parasitic aliens. Long ago, Life Fibers landed on Earth, fixing themselves to the victims nerves. However, as they prove too much and kill their victims when attacking from the inside, Life Fibers attach themselves to their host from the outside. They're favourite victims where humans, who they manipulated to become the dominant species and prime for devouring.

The Life Fibers lay dormant for ages, in which period humans become used to wearing clothes made of normal substances. 200 years prior to the events of the show the Kiryuin clan discovers the original Life Fiber and reawakens them. They start a huge clothes corporation called REVOCs Corporation and sell Life Fiber filled clothing all around the World. Senketsu is a special Life Fiber Kamui created for the purpose of destroying other Life Fibers.

Life Fiber is used to make Goku and Kamui Uniforms 1 Star Goku Uniform are made of 10% while 2 Star Goku Uniforms are 20% (3 Star Goku Uniforms are most likely 30%). Kamui Uniforms such as Senketsu and Junketsu are entirely made of Life Fibers. A subtle amount of Life Fibers are supplied into all the clothes that REVOC Corporation create.

Life Fiber can drive the person mad, as shown when a 5 Star Goku uniform was created as an experiment. The wearer is driven mad before being defeated by Houka due to lack of skill & sense. As a result, Goku Uniforms can only go up to 3 Stars, which leaves many wondering how Ryuko & Satsuki and wear the 100% Kamui Uniforms and maintain their sanity. Banshi is a Life Fiber that has been imbued with the will to become clothing.

Ryuko Matoi, when overcome by rage, caused Senketsu to transform her into a berserking monster. Kinue, a researcher, was ripped apart by Life Fibers while wearing a prototype Kamui. Ragyo Kiryuin imbued herself with lifefibers, and did the same to her daughters Ryuko and Nui. Nui was developed ina womb made of life fibers.

General Information Edit
Thing Name Life Fibers
Japanese Name: 生命戦維
Romaji Name: Seimei Seni
Aliases Life Thread
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Kill la Kill #1
1st anime movie:
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