Naruto #8 - Life-and-Death Battle

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 08/03/2001

Plot Summary

Naruto Vol. 8 - Life-and-Death Battles 命懸けの戦い!! (Inochigake no tatakai!!)

As the preliminaries to the third phase of the Journeyman Ninja Selection Exams begin, the student ninja face off against each other in no-holds-barred, one-on-one bouts. Deaf to Sakura's pleas to withdraw from the contest and despite the crippling effects of the curse placed on him by the nefarious Orochimaru, Sasuke enters the first match against one of the vicious Sound Ninja spies. But with his signature fighting techniques suddenly off-limits, how can Sasuke possibly prevail? And even if he manages to survive the violent brawl, Orochimaru's curse is threatening to change Sasuke forever!


Number 064: Lord Hokage's Message...!!.....Pg.

火影の伝令...!! (Hokage no denrei...!!)

Number 065: Life-and-Death Battles!!.....Pg.

命懸けの戦い!! (Inochigake no tatakai!!)

Number 066: Sakura's Advice.....Pg.

サクラの勧告 (Sakura no kankoku)

Number 067: Unholy Gifts!.....Pg.

異端なる能力!! (Itan naru nōryoku!!)

Number 068: Blood of the Uchiha.....Pg.

うちはの血!! (Uchiha no chi!!)

Number 069: The Deadly Visitor!!.....Pg.

恐怖の訪問者!! (Kyōfu no hōmonsha!!)

Number 070: The One Who Dies!!.....Pg.

死ぬのは...!? (Shinu no wa...!?)

Number 071: The Insurmountable Wall...!!.....Pg.

高すぎる壁...!! (Takasugiru kabe...!!)

Number 072: Rivals...!!.....Pg.

拮抗...!! (Kikkō...!!)


An art mistake at the end of Ch. 65 shows Orochimaru wearing a Leaf Village forehead protector.


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