Lieutenant is a anime/manga character in the Avatar franchise
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The Lieutenant is the mysterious second-in-command of The Equalists.


Much in unknown as to where the Lieutenant came from or what dark secrets his past holds. All that is known about him is that he is Amon's right hand man in the Equalists, informing his leader of changes and events that occur in Republic City. He is often seen by Amon's side wherever he goes as he often handles situations that require excessive force. Other times, he is sent off to take care of business of importance that Amon himself is too busy to handle. It goes without saying that the past of the Lieutenant is just as mysterious as Amon's own history.


The Lieutenant was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for the new series in the Avatar franchise: The Legend of Korra. He is the enforcer for Amon and acts as the second-in-command. He makes his first appearance in Episode 1: Welcome to Republic City. The Lieutenant is voiced by Lance Henriksen.

Major Story Arcs

Welcome to Republic City

When Avatar Korra makes her first announcement that she has arrived to Republic City to help keep the city in order, the Lieutenant is the first to inform Amon of the news as well as ask how it will effect their missions. Amon calms him, telling him that things will stay the same but they will go by a lot faster. Soon after, he leads a group of chi-blockers to kidnap several members of the Triple Threat Triads including Bolin. Mako and Korra find out about the Revelation where the Lieutenant stands by Amon's side as he tells the people of his past and his powers. Demonstrating several times his ability to steal a person's bending, Korra distracts them to let the brothers escape. Instead, the Lieutenant is on their tail as he electrifies the ladder they are on, shocking them as he fights them. Overpowering them, he is pushed back by Korra as Amon permits them to flee to announce their power.

Rise of the Equalists

The Lieutenant isn't seen again until the night of the Pro-Bending Finals as he got word that the Council has decided to keep the arena open despite the threats Amon made. Amon laughs it off, knowing that they played right into his hand as they prepare for the attack that night. After the Wolfbats cheat their way to victory, Amon, the Lieutenant, and several chi-blockers subdue them before he goes to the pool, shocking it to knock the three Fire Ferrets down. Tying them to a column under the arena, he goes back to Amon as he helps blow up the ring before fleeing. Korra is able to free herself as she and Lin Bei Fong go on the attack, fighthing the Lieutenant before knocking him off the arena's roof. A few days later, the Lieutenant has recovered as he is seen working with Hiroshi Sato on a line of new Equalist weapons: power suits. Giving Lin, Tenzin, Korra, and a few metalbenders a demonstration, Hiroshi wants him to take them back to Amon before Mako, Bolin, and Asami arrive; the latter knocking them out as they are able to escape.

War of Republic City

After Lin resigns as Chief of Police, the Lieutenant and Amon go into hiding as Tarrlok puts harsher restrictions on the non-bending citizens of the city. He is later seen at Tarrlok's cottage in the northern mountains after the Councilor is revealed to be a bloodbender and had kidnapped Korra. Tarrlok bloodbends the Lieutenant and several others but Amon is able to defeat him. Tasked with retrieving Korra, he shocks the box she is locked in but is able to escape the Equalists into the forest. The next day though, the Lieutenant works around the city by abducting the different Councilors of Republic City as he leads the assault on Air Temple Island. Lin and the airbending children are able to fight him off and capture his subordinates as he attempts to escape. When Tenzin decides to move his family to safety, Korra agrees to go into hiding until the United Front arrives. As she escape, the Lieutenant ambushes her and her friends but Naga is able to beat him down. He recuperates later to oversee the capture of Lin and the removal of her bending as well.


As an Equalist, the Lieutenant has no bending abilities. Instead, his main method of attack are two electrified kali sticks he keeps strapped to his back. Despite being an older combatant, he has been seen to hold his own against several enemies at once, with and without his machines.

Voiced by
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Lance Henriksen
General Information Edit
Name: Lieutenant
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: The Legend of Korra #1
1st anime movie:
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Electricity Control
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