License-less Rider

License-less Rider is a anime/manga character
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License-less Rider is a Hero in the Heroes Association. He is the highest ranked among the C-Class.


Young License-less Rider.
Young License-less Rider.

In the past, License-less Rider actually went to the same school as Saitama.


License-less Rider was created by a mangaka who uses the pseudonym "ONE" for his webcomic One-Punch Man in 2009. In 2012, ONE was approached by Yusuke Murata to consider a collaboration between the two, and the One-Punch Man remake was the result. License-less Rider is a supporting protagonist in the series.


License-less Rider has not seemed to change much even from his school days. He is convicted to be a bicycle hero for the people in the present just as he was in the past and his brash fearlessness is still prevalent.


License-less Rider is a young man of average height and athletic build, although he is always seen wearing a full body suit armor. He wears a full body black suit underneath the armor and wears a helmet with thick goggles over his eyes.


License-less Rider is a fearless yet humble hero with a very strong sense of duty. He is fully aware of his weakness when compared to the better heroes but will not use it as an excuse to stand down even against threats that he knows are beyond his power to stop.


  • Saitama - The extent of their relationship is not clear but they are both heroes within the Heroes Association and prior to this, they were students in the same school.

Story Arcs

Paradise Group Arc

The License-less Rider makes his debut in the story when he confronts the antagonistic Paradise Group. After reassuring the standby civilians , he introduced himself to the villainous group and he takes them on but is subsequently beaten very quickly. Speed of Sound Sonic later deals with the group instead.

Sea King Arc

License-less Rider refuses to submit to the mighty Sea King.
License-less Rider refuses to submit to the mighty Sea King.

When the Sea King invaded A-City, he found the Evacuation Shelter and ripped it's doors open. But before he could do anything to the innocent civilians he was confronted by S-class hero Genos. Despite a heated battle, the Sea King eventually beat Genos down and was preparing to crush him when License-less Rider arrived and took on the Sea King by surprise, doing no damage to the Sea King whatsoever but distracting him away from the vulnerable Genos. The Sea King swatted the Rider away like a fly, but before he could continue on his rampage, the Rider got back up and attacked again. The Sea King brutalized him further but the Rider rose back to his feet and stood his ground no matter what. His conviction to protect the citizens brought forth their cheers and encouragement. In a final attempt, License-less Rider dashed towards the Sea King but was knocked to the ground before he could do anything further. This time he could not get up. The Sea King decided to finish him off and launched a serious punch for the first time, only for it to land on the back of Saitama's head, who had just arrived. Intrigued,the Sea King powered up and rushed at Saitama but was utterly obliterated by a single punch from Saitama.

Powers & Abilities

The true extent of License-less Rider's abilities are vague, however he does seem to have an abnormal level of speed and toughness. Despite the fact that he wears armor, he was able to withstand casual assaults from the Sea King and remain alive.


Unnamed Armor:

License-less Rider wears an unnamed armor with unknown properties, but it does seem to provide him with a fair degree of defense. However it is unclear whether his toughness is derived more from his armor or his relatively strong body.

Bicycle of Justice:

Despite the name it appears to be a relatively normal bike. But Rider's skill with it seems to be high. He has used it as a form of assault such as the following technique.

Justice Crash:

License-less Rider leaps off the bike and crashes it into the intended target at high speed.

General Information Edit
Name: License-less Rider
Name: 無免ライダー
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mumen Rider
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