Licca-chan: Wondrous Yunia Story

Licca-chan: Wondrous Yunia Story is an anime series in the Licca-chan franchise
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Licca is playing the piano when she notices that one of the keys doesn't work. Opening it up to see why, she is transported to the world of Unia with her stuffed toy bird Dodo and Ine the cat. Trying to find her way out of a world that is equal parts Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, she meets the craftsman who makes dreams and wanders through the Square Pole forest of doppelgangers. A dragon tells her to seek the Amaranth flower at the Tower of Beginning, but Ine has become spoiled by all the fuss he gets and wants to stay. Licca and Dodo are almost trapped in the Maze of Anger by their bad-tempered arguments, but they eventually find their way to the Sky Garden and the Rainbow Bridge that takes them home.

Licca-chan is the Japanese equivalent of Barbie, a child's doll designed in 1967 by Miyako Maki, the wife of Captain Harlock-creator Leiji Matsu-moto. Her first video adventure was followed by Licca and the Magic Ring (1991), in which a magic ring falls out of the sky into Licca's playground, where she discovers that it can unlock the three seals of Dreams, Shadows, and Death. Less scary antics occupied the third video, Licca's Sunday (1992), about her traveling to her auntie's house to play with her cousins. As her 30th birthday grew near, the doll returned to adventure in the video misleadingly and clumsily entitled Licca the Movie: Licca and the Wildcat: Journey of Dreams (1994), in which she goes on a country holiday with her father, dreams that she is attending a school for the stone cats that populate the town, and heads off on a journey through the sky with the largest. The film was also repackaged the same year in a Special Collection, including the movie, a selection from 30 years of Licca TV commercials, and an exclusive Licca doll dressed in the uniform of a video-store clerk.

The franchise was revamped for a new generation as Superdoll Licca-chan (1998), a TV series featuring new designs from Tetsuya Kumatani and direction from Street Fighter II's Gisa-buro Sugii. For the TV version, there are two Liccas-the first is a third-grader at St. Therese's School, attacked without warning by Scarecrow, Pul, and Wahya. She discovers that she is the heir to the Doll Kingdom, a human dreamland where dolls live and breathe, though they can become human if loved and cherished for 100 years. Licca is the child of a union between French musician Pierre and "normal human" Orie, who is really the Doll Queen in disguise. Licca's grandmother gives her the magical Call Ring that can summon help and three dolls named Licca, Izumi, and Isamu, the spirits of wisdom, courage and life. Since it is a fundamental problem with shows based on dolls that children often have duplicates of the same ones, this is a clever means of encouraging play with duplicate Liccas, as the child begins her quest to regain her rightful kingdom from the usurper Queen Yaë, her great-aunt. The doll returned again for Licca-chan: Tale of the Mysterious Sea (2001), a fully computer-animated short film shown in department stores and amusement parks. For similar doll-inspired action, see Rainbow Across the Pacific and, frankly, the entire Gundam series.

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Name Licca-chan: Wondrous Yunia Story
Name: Licca ふしぎな不思議なユーニア物語
Romaji: Licca-chan Fushigina Fushigina Yunia Monogatari
Publisher ?
Start Year 1990
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Aliases Licca: the Mystery Tale of Mysterious Yunia
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