Liar Game #1 - Liar Game 1

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 09/16/2005

Plot Summary

Chapter One: The Legendary Swindler

Nao Kanzaki, a college student well known for her honesty, one day receives a package from something known as the LGT Office. It has a note on the top reading:

"Ms. Nao Kanzaki,

Congratulations, you are one of the 1 in 100,000 people who have been entered into the amazing LIAR GAME TOURNAMENT."

She opens the box to discover 100,000,000 yen in the box and a note telling her that she, as well as one other person, has been given the money to compete, and that the point of the game is to steal the other person's money. After thirty days, the each player would have to return 100,000,000 million yen, and any extra money that you have stolen from your opponent is counted as surplus and you get to keep it. However, if you can not return the full 100,000,000 yen, then you incur a debt equal to the amount that they could not return.

Nao begins contemplating what to do, going so far as to ask a lawyer for help, but can not find any ease in it. She soon discovers that she has no one to ask for help, as her friends believe that she is joking, and she does not have the heart to tell her terminally ill father. Finally, one day, she receives another package from the LGT Office informing her of her opponent, and she discovers that it happens to be her favorite middle school teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo.

She goes to see her old teacher, and he tells her how the entire thing is a scam in which the Liar Game Executives will make a large sum of money by sending their own people to steal the money, and leaving both players owing 100,000,000 yen while they keep there original profits anyways. He then offers to put her money into a safety deposit box for her, and she happily agrees.

Later, however, she receives a letter from the LGT Office informing her that her teacher has 100,000,000 yen, while she has -100,000,000 yen. Frightened, she goes to see Mr. Fujisawa, and she overhears him talking on the phone about how he had tricked her out of her money, and she again tries to get legal help. She is informed that, since she had consented to the game (she opened the box), she could not pursue legal action. However, she is told of a man getting out of jail named Shinichi Akiyama who single-handedly swindled an entire company into bankruptcy. She goes to meet the man and ask him to help her get back the 100,000,000 yen.

Chapter Two: Flaw

After asking for Shinichi to help her, he refuses, telling her that he will not commit another crime, especially right after he had just gotten out of jail. As he tries to walk away, she follows him, and she tells him that she will not leave him alone until he hears her out. Shinichi agrees to just listening, and tells her to just stay where she is as he returns home to drop off his stuff. She happily agrees, and he leaves, happy to have finally gotten rid of her.

Much to Akiyama's shock, Nao stays in the exact same spot for an entire day, and finally he decides to hear her out. He takes her to his house and berates her for keeping faith in him when he so blatantly had lied, but still agrees to listen to her story. She informs him of the game, of how she was tricked out of her money, and how she had no way of winning the game. After her story, Akiyama tells her to just go tell her teacher that she wants her money back, and that he will accompany her.

When they arrive at her Fujisawa's house and ask to see the money, he tells her that it is in a safety deposit box, and that, since it is after seven, they can not go to withdraw it. Nao however, tells him that she had overheard his phone call and Akiyama threatens to call the police if it is not returned. Kazuo pleads with him not to, since it is "just a game", confirming that he had in fact stolen the money, and that he had to, or else Nao would have stolen his, revealing that his faith in humanity had been shattered years ago when he had lost everything after being fired from his job. Then, berating Nao even more, Akiyama and Nao leave.

On the subway ride home, Akiyama tells her to stop crying, since she has not lost yet. He tells her that her teacher had made one fatal mistake, as the day that he would have to return the money to the LGT Officers would be a Sunday, meaning that the bank that he had deposited the money in would be closed. Therefore, there were only two possibilities, one, the had a two day window to get the money, or two, he had not actually deposited the money in the bank, and had it hidden somewhere. He then confidentially tells her that he will help her, and that he has the perfect plan to defeat her teacher, and she then realized that Akiyama would help her, though he required that he get half of the winnings. And So Nao prepares to steal back her money with twenty-three days left.

Chapter Three: Declaration of War

Nao, following Akiyama's instructions, confronts Fujisawa, telling him that she would win, and take every bit of the 200,000,000 yen back, before running back to where Akiyama is waiting. She remembers Akiyama telling her the two main parts of his plan. The first, to make it very clear that she would fight and try and get back the money, and second, that she would have to keep watch on him at all times.

At his allotted time Akiyama takes over the watch, and allows Nao to go home and get some rest. After she had left however, he confronts Fujisawa directly, telling him that as of now he will be participating in the games as Nao's right-hand man, and that he would steal the 200,000,000 yen with his full proof plan. Frightened, Fujisawa runs into his house, and calls the police, informing them that there appeared to be a strange car parked outside his house.

Seeing the police come, Akiyama only laughs, revealing to a frightened Nao that he had rented the apartment across the street from her former teacher. Therefore, the two of them would be able to keep a look out on their opponent legally, without the threat of police anywhere. Nao, realizing that he was presently spending money for her sake, thanks him for keeping her safe, for taking the day hours so that she could care for her sick father, and for renting a place for them to stay. He only responds that he is doing it for the money and leaves it at that.

The next few days, Nao slowly grows more and more anxious as all she and Akiyama do is watch Fujisawa. Akiyama comforts her, telling her that, though in the first few days Fujisawa would leave the house, he has now stopped going anywhere, and has confined himself to a single room. Nao, however, still has doubts, and Akiyama explains to her that he is using a well known Con artist technique, putting the victim into an abnormal state of mind. Once in this abnormal state of mind, a person becomes weak and foolish, and that they are driving Fujisawa into the dirt.

He then asks her to think about it from their victim's perspective. After hearing the assurances from both Nao and Akiyama that the game would belong to them, as well as being surveyed for twenty four hours a day, he has been forced to continually ask "How can they steal my money?"

Though slightly assured, Nao still questions the method, as there is no way to get it out of the safety deposit box. However, Akiyama reveals to her that he does not believe that the money is in a safety deposit box, and is instead in Fujisawa's house.

Chapter Four: Intimidating the Enemy

After telling Nao that he believes that the Money is not in a Safety Deposit box, he asks her to imagine that she was in Fujisawa's shoes, and that she had deposited the money in a bank and was being watched at all times. He asks her what she would do, and she tells him that she would run, since the stress would be unbearable. Then, he asks her to imagine that she had hidden the money in the buses, and she immediately tells him that she would go to the money to make sure it had not been stolen. After she reveals this, he then asks her why Fujisawa is staying cooped up in his house, and she realizes that he is right, and that the money must be in Fujisawa's house.

With sixteen days left until the money is to be collected, Akiyama believes he is able to guess the layout of Fujisawa's house, finding five possible places it could be hidden, and then, with ten days left, he puts forth a plan to find the money. Making a fire, Akiyama and Nao flood the house with smoke, and, using a recording, makes it sound as if a fire is raging in the house. However, instead of leaving the house for safety, or even calling the fire department, Fujisawa calls his friend. Laughing, Akiyama then reveals Nao and himself to the former teacher, and tells him that he now knows that the money is in the room Fujisawa is presently in.

Fujisawa then reveals that Akiyama is right, and then, pulling back a door, reveals a closet containing a large safe, telling them that they would never be able to get the money, even though they knew where it was. Though Nao believes that the game is over, Akiyama laughs telling Fujisawa that he would be able to make the safe swing open before him, and Fujisawa is left staring at Akiyama's unwavering eyes.

Chapter Five: Dissonance

After Akiyama's unchanging attitude towards the safe, Fujisawa finds himself even more scared of having it stolen, and begins to sit in front of the safe nonstop. Seeing Fujisawa's increasing disease, Akiyama reveals to now that he was displaying a casebook show of Cognitive Dissonance, telling Nao that, because he did not get what he expected (Akiyama to break down at the sight of his safe) his fear and anxiety had only multiplied, as his mind was forced to wander about how Akiyama could break into the safe. Hearing this, Nao believes that Akiyama has lied, and actually has no chance of getting her money back, but he assures her that when the time comes he will make the Safe open wide.

Slowly growing more and more nervous, Fujisawa slowly begins thinking of ways that Akiyama could steal money from safe. Growing mad, he chains up his safe, and covers himself in knives in preparation for anything that Akiyama can throw at him. However, his entire paranoid act only makes Akiyama laugh. He assures Nao that Fujisawa is only wasting his time, leaving her confident that they will win.

Four days from the end of the of the month, Fujisawa receives a letter from the LGT Office telling him that the game would end at five o'clock on the fourteenth. with only ninety hours left, Fujisawa prepares for the final leg of the battle. Again, Akiyama assures Nao that the safe will open for him, and the game will be theirs.

However, time slowly begins to catch up, and, with only fifty five minutes left in the game, Nao runs to runs to Fujisawa,and begs him to give her back her money. Turning a deaf ear, Fujisawa slams the window in Nao's face and she is forced to watch the time tick down on her only chance at winning, and finally, the time runs out and she watches as the game end in her loss.

Chapter Six: Game Over

As Nao watches on in horror, the door to Fujisawa's house rings, and he brings in the collector from the LGT Office. Opening up his safe, he lets the man begin to count the money. As he counts the money, Fujisawa begins contemplating what to do with his 100,000,000 yen, but his thought process is interrupted by another ring at the door. Opening up the door, Fujisawa finds three men standing there in masks. They tell him that they are from the LGT Office, and begins to bring them to the other collector when they reveal something to him: There is no other LGT Office collector. Entering the room, Fujisawa is shocked to discover that the other collector is none other than Akiyama. Picking up the money, he happily tells the collectors that the money is now in the possession of Nao.

After realizing that he had lost, Fujisawa turns on the LGT Office Collectors telling them that if they had shown up at five o'clock like they said they would, he would have won, only for them to again tell him what he feared: they had shown up at the set time, six o'clock! Screaming at the collectors, Fujisawa shows them the letter that they had sent him only for Akiyama to reveal the the letter was not from the LGT Office, but from him. Using Fujisawa's cooping himself up, he had replaced the real card with the fake, giving him an hour to steal the money. Akiyama then reveals that he had, since he had first heard that the LGT had sent the cards, he had tried to figure out how to use them to his advantage, and then how to trick him about the time of the collection.

Fujisawa had become afraid, paranoid, and his mind was at the border of stability. Being in this sate of mind, he was unable to leave, and therefore check his postcard updates. And, even further, because the time was changed, when he believed he had won, the ending of the game put him into a false sense of security, making him easy to trick. Quickly checking the money, the LGT Office Collectors give Nao her winnings, and leave, and Nao realizes that she had one, giving one final look at Fujisawa.

Outside, Nao asks Akiyama why she had also received a fake time card, and Akiyama informs her that she was necessary, or else she would not have given a believable performance and Fujisawa would not have believed in his victory as soundly. She then asks Akiyama what she believes what will happen to Fujisawa. Akiyama tells her that regardless of what he tries to do he will never be able to repay the debt, and that from here on out, his future is black. Realizing this, Nao rushes back gives back her half of the money to Fujisawa, asking him to use it to begin paying off his debt. As she turns to leave though, another hand goes passed her, and Akiyama follows Nao's lead, giving Fujisawa the last fifty million yen he needs to pay off his debt, telling Nao that he promised that he would get as much money as Nao, and if she got nothing, he would get nothing either. Nao Promises to give him a reward for helping him and runs up to her room. As she get up however, she stops and stares. Akiyama Races up to see what is wrong, and finds Nao holding a card: "Directions to the Liars Game, Round Two."


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