Letter From the Past

Letter From the Past is an anime episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation that was released on 10/12/2012


Jojo and Dio's bitter rivalry ignited after the latter went too far with Jojo's loved ones. Seven years later after the mishaps, it is still going strong.

Plot Summary

During a rugby match, Dio seems to finally get along with Jonathan, but Jonathan in spite of acting friendly torwards him, deep down does not trust in him at all. This is proven later when at home Jojo finds an old letter from Dario Brando describing the symptoms that led him to his death, the same symptoms that his father is suffering from.

Dio, in shock of Jojo's discovery
Dio, in shock of Jojo's discovery

Jojo managed to catch Dio and confronted him on how he killed Dario and demanded him to swear on his father, George Joestar's honor that he is innocent of his atttempted medicene tampering. Dio harshly declined by stating that Father Joestar had no honor to begin with and tried to gouge Jojo's eye again. The attack fails and Jojo knocks him down from the stairway's balcony and says that he now understands his horrific plot to snatch the Joestar Fortune.

Robert wields his hat for battle
Robert wields his hat for battle

Later, Jojo announces to George that he will be in London for a number of days and sets out to his destination to find a cure for his illness. While there, he runs into a number of street thugs who try to kill him, but to no avail. He knocks two of them down, but Robert Speedwagon appears and then willingly challenges him to battle by revealing his bladed hat. Jojo accepts and starts the battle and manages to knock him down after just a few strikes even though he's already wounded.

Robert decides to give up fighting, but it proves that everything isn't over yet when a plague of thugs show up in front of Jojo. Robert gets back up and demands the horde to step away from the "gentleman", which was aimed at Jojo. Robert asks Jojo why he didn't put a lot of energy into the kick that "should've killed him" and the latter tells him that he wouldn't want to cause any grief to Roberts family and wants to find the cure to his fathers illness instead of getting caught in senseless violence. Robert agrees to finding the apothecary that has a cure, but warns him that getting the drug won't be easy at all.

Protip: DON'T get too close to a vampire.
Protip: DON'T get too close to a vampire.

Back at home, Dio states that Jojo won't be able to come back home alive, but George refuses with hope that Jojo will return "like he always had". Sick of it all, Dio goes out to eradicate Jojo with the mask from the research room. On the way, he bumps into two elderly men and they try to attack Dio, but to no luck at all. Dio decided to test the mask out on one of the brawlers and the spikes of said mask kills the man behind the target. The man with the mask implanted on him puts it off reappears as a vampire-like person, attacks Dio and digs his fingers inside his neck to absorb his blood.

Luckily for Dio, he managed to survive as the sun rises and it's light kills off the vampire. He picks up the Stone Mask and heads back home only to be discovered by Jojo after his return from London and was informed that he knows of his fiendish plans.


  • This episode takes place seven years after "Dio Intrudes", and implies that Jojo and Dio were 11 years old before the time skip from this episode.
  • This episode indicates that both Jojo and Dio are most likely 18 years of age or older.
  • The ending sequence from this episode contains different characters and will likely be the case in future episodes. The ending theme song is still the same.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Toshiyuki Kato Episode Director
Takako Shimizu Character Artist/Designer Character Designer
Yasuko Kobayashi Writer Mangaka
Hayato Matsuo Music
Kyoko Kotani Animation Director
Hirohiko Araki Creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures


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