Letter Bee Characters

Letter Bee is an anime series in the Tegami Bachi franchise
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Aria Linke

A young female Letter Bee who is in love with Gauche.

Connor Culh

A Letter Bee servicing the Cambel area.

Dr. Thunderland Jr.

A biologist who belongs to the Third Bioscience advisory panel of Amberground division. He specializes in pathology and collects corpses for dissection and study.

Gauche Suede

A letter bee-in-training who hopes to support his disabled sister.

Jiggy Pepper

A Letter Bee who lived in the town of Kyrie before crossing the Bifrost Bridge into Yuusari to become a Bee.

Lag Seeing

A young letter bee in training.

Largo Lloyd

The Hive Master of the Letter Bee headquarters in Yuusari, the Bee Hive.

Mary Sabrina

Lag Seeing's caretaker in his youth, after his mother disappeared.


A young woman living in Kyrie, the Dead-End Town across the bridge from Yuusari. She used to have a younger brother, but he died after their caretaker, Jiggy Pepper, disappeared.


Lag Seeing's partner (or Dingo), and an uncommon species of non-human.


Gauche Suede's original "dingo".


A strange little creature that Niche adopts as a pet, or perhaps as dinner.

Sylvette Suede

The younger, disabled sister of Gauche Suede.


Zazie's Dingo.


A young Letter Bee who is skilled at killing Gaichuu.

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