Let's Talk About Space

Let's Talk About Space is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 07/07/2012

Fukuda's new glasses come in. Mission control finally realizes that Mutta made up his story when explaining how he found the time. Team B is thrown a wrench as an alarm clock goes off in the middle of the night 2 nights in a row. Also in Team A their clock is found broken. Both teams are puzzled by these events and accusations start to be thrown.

Plot Summary

Hoshika discusses Mutta
Hoshika discusses Mutta

When hearing about Yasushi's request to order Fukuda new glasses, Hoshika gives the go ahead to order a new pair. Tsurumi goes over the surveillance footage of when they asked each team what time it was (See Note 1). Mutta had said he looked at the bus' odometer. However, after reviewing the footage from the bus, Mutta did not have a clear view of the odometer. Also Mutta was the only candidate who looked at the clock on the bus. Hoshika was the one who told them to openly display the clock. However Mutta concealed this fact from his team, so Tsurumi asks how this should affect his score. Hoshika, after thinking about it, laughs and concludes that Mutta made the right decision. Tsurumi gives him a knowing smile and leaves his post to Hoshika for the second half of the exam.

Each candidate is examined by a doctor once a day over video phone. The doctor is rather eccentric. For example, the doctor jokingly asks Mutta if he is making lots of bubbles with his shampoo. When it's Fukuda's turn, the doctor asks if he has any eye strain or back pain. Fukuda says no, he is as good as ever. The doctor tells him that there is a present for him from Yasushi in the transfer box, it is his new pair of glasses. Fukuda thanks Yasushi, but Yasushi says he didn't say a single word (which is true because he wrote it down on a page and showed it to the camera).

The points system might have been a mistake
The points system might have been a mistake

Over in Team B, an alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Mizoguchi gets irritated and yells, "someone has to turn that off," at which point the alarm stops. The next night it happens again, and Mizoguchi wakes everyone up in Team B to determine who it is. Everyone says it is not them. Kenji begins to wonder whether it was a mistake to use a point system, everyone is starting to stress and bicker with each other. Mizoguchi in particular is getting irritated with Kenji. Back over in Team A, the clock has went missing and no one knows where it went. Both Teams A and B have already tried talking with mission control, but were both told to solve internal problems among themselves. Team A finds the clock on top of the fridge, and it is broken. Yasushi immediately asks, "Who did this?"

Team A's broken clock
Team A's broken clock

Then Hoshika comes onto the mic and informs them of their next task. Each candidate is given a box which contains an all-while jig-saw puzzle. The instructions say they will only have 3 hours. Yasushi gets angry since he cannot tell the time and asks again, "who broke the clock?" Yasushi accuses Serika since she was the first one awake. Mutta then stands up and says, "let's talk about space." As Team B is trying to solve the puzzle, Mizoguchi is trying to find a way to get back at Kenji. He talks with Teshima about the Brian Jay crash accident, and also how astronauts leave behind their family when going to space. This is meant to rattle Kenji, who has a family of his own.

Mutta saw the culprit red-handed
Mutta saw the culprit red-handed

Mutta tries saying that they should act more like astronauts. And that out in space, your sense of time has to adjust according to the planets and whatnot. So what would JAXA do if they wanted them to figure out the time on a certain planet? They would break the clock. Mutta says they should act if that is what happened. Yasushi is not convinced and begins to start suspecting Mutta. Mutta himself is not convinced with his own theory because he actually saw that Fukuda broke the clock last night. Mutta is as puzzled by this as he is by the jig-saw puzzle they are trying to solve. Why would Fukuda do such a thing? Over at mission control, Hoshika is surprised again by Mutta's decision to lie.

Points of Interest

  • When talking about time in space, Team A members recite the following facts: A day on Earth is 24 hours, a day on Mars is 39 minutes longer, on the Moon a day is 656 hours and on the ISS, day and night flip every 45 minutes.


The following notes are referenced in the plot summary.

  1. The Teams were asked the time near the end of episode 11 and into the first few minutes of episode 12.

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