One Piece #44 - Let's Go Back

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/04/2006

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 44

Let's Go Back - 帰ろう (Kaerō)

The battle between Luffy and CP9 agent Rob Lucci escalates while the rest of the crew tries to escape to safety through the Gates of Justice. Suddenly, a fleet of warships sent by the Navy Headquarters arrives on the scene and begins bombarding the island. Will the crew get away before the island is blown to smithereens?!


Chapter 420. Buster Call.....Pg.

バスターコール (Basutā Kōru)

Chapter 421. Gear Third.....Pg.

ギア3 (Gia Sādo)

Chapter 422. Rob Lucci.....Pg.

ロブ・ルッチ (Robu Rucchi)

Chapter 423. Mermaid Legend.....Pg.

人魚伝説 (Ningyo Densetsu)

Chapter 424. Escape Ship.....Pg.

脱出船 (Dasshutsu-sen)

Chapter 425. Struggle on the Bridge.....Pg.

死闘の橋 (Shitō no Hashi)

Chapter 426. A Ship Waiting for Wind.....Pg.

風待ちの船 (Kazamachi no Fune)

Chapter 427. It's Not Like It's Hell Here.....Pg.

ここが地獄じゃあるめェし (Koko ga Jigoku ja Arumēshi)

Chapter 428. Let's Return.....Pg.

帰ろう (Kaerō)

Chapter 429. Complete Defeat.....Pg.

完敗 (Kanpai)

Chapter 430. Falling Snow of Reminiscence.....Pg.

降りそそぐ追想の淡雪 (Furisosogu Tsuisō no Awayuki)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Nico RobinSeis Fleur - Slap
Cien Fleur Delphinium
Monkey D. LuffyGear Second
Gum-Gum Jet Pistol
Gum-Gum Rifle
Gum-Gum Stamp
Gear Third
Gum-Gum Giant Pistol
Gum-Gum Rocket
Gum-Gum Giant Axe
Gum-Gum Giant Whip
Gum-Gum Jet Bullet
Gum-Gum Jet Stamp
Gum-Gum Jet Gatling
Rob LucciKamisori
Moon Walk
Rankyaku - Hyoubi
Tekkai - Utsugi
Flying Shigan - Bachi
Rankyaku - Gaichou
Seimei Kikan
Kamie Bushin
Shigan Madara
Roku Ou Gun
Sai Dai Rin - Roku Ou Gun
FrankyStrong Right
Weapons Left
Coup de Vent
SpandamElephant Chop
Captain Berry GoodSeparate
Captain ShuuRust
NamiThunder Lance Tempo
PaulieRope Action
UsoppSpecial Attack - Super Smoke Star


Points of Interest

  • The full reveal of the Gear Third technique is finally shown in Ch. 421.
  • The origin of Rob Lucci is explained in Ch. 422.
  • Vivi appears in this volume on the splash page of Ch. 423.
  • Aisa, Conis, Laki, and Norla all appear in the splash page of Ch. 424.
  • It's revealed in Ch. 424 that when a mermaid reaches the age of 30, they can separate their tail into legs and change back at will.
  • Usopp and Sanji mention the double-tailed demon cat. There is a japanese legend that if a cat could reach 100 years old that it's tail will split into two.
  • Wyper, Kamakiri, Braham, and Genbou all appear in the splash page of Ch. 425.
  • Gan Fall, Pagaya, Pierre, and Shandian Chief all appear in the splash page of Ch. 427.
  • The side story of God Eneru onthe moon begins in the splash page of Ch. 428.


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