Let's Build a Giant Robot of Justice Together

Let's Build a Giant Robot of Justice Together is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 11/02/2012
Subaru seeks Kaito's help for the upcoming ROBO-ONE World Championship in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Akiho struggles to keep the club funded while Kaito reflects on a life-changing incident.
— Funimation

Plot Summary


Four months before the incident that happened 9 years ago, Misa takes Akiho and Kaito to go see the launch of a space shuttle. As they wait for the space shuttle to take off, Akiho nods off while Kaito plays Gunvarrel with Misa. When the shuttle does take flight, the characters look up to the sky in awe. Misa yells "Go, Hot Dog, Go!" and Kaito asks her where she got the line from. Misa tells him that she was quoting an old movie. Then she tells Kaito to become a man who has "The Right Stuff."

In the present, Akiho is trying to convince her dad, the President of the Tanegashi Space Center, to loan her a large sum of money to fund the building of the GunBuild-1. She is unsuccessful in her attempt to persuade him when her mother finds out that Akiho is trying to take advantage of her father. Back at the hanger, Mitsuhiko tells Akiho via tablet device that the money that the Robotics Club has been transferred to the club's support fund for next year, meaning they can't use it to complete GunBuild-1 because Akiho and Kaito are high school seniors. To add to their problems, the club also owes Fujita for the work on the hobby robot. This discourages Subaru and Kaito, who sigh and suggest that they should give up on the project. Then Kaito receives a mysterious e-mail telling him to stand in front of an abandoned house. Kaito tells the other club members that he must head home and leaves the hanger.

Car Sick
Car Sick

When Kaito arrives in front of the abandoned house, a truck carrying Mitsuhiko pulls up in front of him. She looks out the window and tells Kaito that he should wear his PE clothes if he does not want to his school uniform dirty. Kaito mentions the reason why he is there and Mitsuhiko asks him how he knows Furugoori. Assuming that it was a prank, Kaito decides to leave, but he stops when he hears a voice call out from inside one of the boxes. Suddenly, a blonde girl named Furugoori climbs out of a box placed on top of the truck. Kaito deducts that Frau and Furugoori are the same person and he asks if she will be attending the same school. While Frau vomits due to car sickness, Mitsuhiko explains that they are to help Frau move into her house. Not wanting to waste his time, Kaito decides to leave, but he is once again stopped when Frau grabs hold of his wrist. She tells him that he still owes her favor for giving him the Kill-Ballad code and should return the favor by helping her move.

At the hanger, Subaru and Akiho have an argument over how to design GunBuild-1. Subaru wants to revamp the robot while Akiho Akiho wants to preserve the robot's identity in memory of her former club members. Subaru sees that Akiho is adamant about her position and nonchalantly leaves the hanger. Later in the day, Kaito calls Akiho and informs her that Mitchi is related to a wealthy business man named Sumio Nagafukada. Excited at the chance that the club's monetary troubles might be over, Akiho comes out of her slump. In the afternoon, Kaito decides to bring Frau food and he enters her house. Kaito has a chat with Frau and the topic of her parents is brought up. She tells him that she knows her father is in Tokyo, but her voice comes to a halt when she mentions her mother.

Better not be messing with those robots
Better not be messing with those robots

Subaru comes home and his father informs him that there was a robot competition. Subaru reminds his father that he is finished with robots and leaves the room. The next day Akiho visits Sumio to ask for his sponsorship of the club. Sumio looks at her and declines her request on the basis that she lacks "impact." During the meeting, Sumio and his nephew make crass jokes and it takes all of Akiho's energy to retrain herself from punching the two.

Back at the hanger, Subaru ties to convince Kaito to join him in the World Robo-1 Tournament. To this, Kaito declines and resumes playing his game of Kill-Ballad. Then Subaru challenges Kaito to a game of Kill-Ballad and tells him that he has to join the tournament with him if loses. After multiple games of Kill-Ballad, Kaito finally loses and he begrudgingly agrees to join Subaru in the tournament. Subaru then goes to Frau's house to ask her to program a controller similar to Kaito's, but he is left standing at the door when he is unable to guess Frau's password.

Friendly battle
Friendly battle

In the afternoon, Kaito and Subaru have a robot sparring match at the hanger. Subaru asks Kaito how he was able to react so quickly during their match at the ROBO-ONE competition. Kaito remembers the incident that happened 9 years ago and decides to nothing Subaru nothing other than the fact that it was not a fighting technique. In a flashback, Kaito recounts the incident that affected both him and Akiho. On September 11, 2010, there was a mass fainting on a boat known as the SS Anemone. Despite the fact that there were many people had fainted, Akiho and Kaito were the only ones who developed Elephant-mouse syndrome.

At night Kaito lies on the grass and regrets that he let Subaru provoke him. Then he receives a notification from a mysterious entity called "Geji." Frantically, Kaito starts moving his tablet around to see if he can could the source of the system blur on his phone, but he instead finds a glimpse of a girl with white girl on his phone. Then he hears a voice calling out to him on his tablet.

Points of Interest

  • Kaito is able to defeat Subaru in 21 rounds of Kill-Ballad before he loses.
  • The line "Go, Hot Dog, go! " is a reference to a movie called "The Right Stuff."


  • Japanese Name: "Issho ni, Seigi no Kyodai Robo o Tsukuro u" (一緒に、正義の巨大ロボを造ろう)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

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5pb (creator) 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
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