Let's All Get Physicals

Let's All Get Physicals is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 07/31/2011

St. Ishiyama Arc

Let's All Get Physicals -"Shintai Sokutei Shite Mimashou" (身体測定してみましょう)

Aoi and Oga are given a task to perform a physical examination of their classmates; after the boys have finished their examinations, Oga and Furuichi are told to leave before Aoi and the girls do their examinations. Due to Beelzebub's jealously and misunderstanding of the stuffed animal on Oga's back, the baby hides in the locker which caused Oga and Furuichi to hide under the desk while the girls perform their examinations. Escaping Aoi, Oga frees Baby Beel from the teacher's car and afterwards, Oga explains what has happened to Aoi.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Hey!!!" by FLOW

Oga and Furuichi's Awkward Position
Oga and Furuichi's Awkward Position

In the sewing room, the girls are changing while Furuichi and Oga are under a desk in the same room. Furuichi, who's really perverted, tells Oga that he is glad to be here much to Oga's annoyance. Furuichi narrates and reveals what has happened an hour ago before this situation.

As the teacher washes his red car, he tells Aoi and Oga that they should give the physicals to the class since they are the class representatives. (Also, the teacher states they cannot risk their students with the delinquents.) When Baby Beel still pulls on Oga's face, the teacher gets angry at Oga. Aoi meets her Red Tail gang and explains that they have to do the physicals. When Aoi asks Oga about Baby Beel, Oga explains that Baby Beel is fussing because he is bored. Aoi informs them that she will round up the guys.

Outside of the school, the Ishiyama delinquents do their usual things such as Shimokawa hits on a girl with ponytails (Azusa). Aoi gets angry. Later, Baby Beel spars with a stuffed animal with Oga playing coach. Furuichi gets annoyed with Oga, and Baby Beel finished reenacting Oga's fight with Toujou. Furuichi notices that the toys represent them: Lamia, the doctor, Hilda, Alaindelon, and Furuichi (the duck who's riding a car). Nene explains to her gang that this room has a lot of stuffed animals because it is an Arts and Crafts room.

Nene and Yuka call Oga and Furuichi to help them. Furuichi tells them to raise their voice in a cute manner, but he gets hit by a ball of boys that was thrown by Aoi. Kanzaki, Himekawa, Natsume, and Shiroyama are standing outside of the door. Oga strips first with Aoi blushing. Kanzaki and Himekawa follow Oga's actions. Aoi tells them to change in the corner.

Yuka snickers at Himekawa's poupadour
Yuka snickers at Himekawa's poupadour

As the physical exams commences, Shimokawa gets his weight and height measured on a conveyor belt. Oga asks Furuichi if he is satisfied. Meanwhile, Yuka measures Himekawa's height by a scale. When she sets the ruler against Himekawa's pompadour, his pompadour bounces (sexual innuendo) which everyone laughs. Aoi accidentally steps on the scale, and everyone reads her weight much to her embarrassment. Aoi smacks Kanzaki, Natsume, Shiroyama, and Himekawa, and she tells Oga and Furuichi that the girls are next. When Yuka tells him that they are going to change, Furuichi tries to help them, but Nene hits him. In the process, a stuffed animal (a duck in a car) lands on Oga's back which causes Baby Beel to become upset and jealous.

In Baby Beel's imagination, he feels that the toy takes his place on Oga's back. He hides in a locker while Oga tries to open the locker. He tells Furuichi to help him. Suddenly, the girls come in, and Furuichi takes Oga to hide with him under the desk. Despite Oga's need to explain the situation to the girls, Furuichi has Oga and him in a compromising position. When the girls talk about Aoi's slender bodies, Furuichi asks Oga what does slender mean. Oga squeezes Furuichi's neck with his legs causing them to alert Aoi. Aoi asks Yuka if she said something. Furuichi tells Oga to coax Beelzebub, and Oga tells Beelzebub that he will give him a piggyback ride.

As Nene asks Chiaki did she grow a bigger bigger, Furuichi struggles to get a better view. Baby Beel opens the locker, but the desk hits the locker door close. Suddenly, the girls want to arrange the desk back to normal, so Furuichi and Oga play along. Baby Beel opens the door, but Oga tells him to go back inside since the girls are still in the room. Once the girls leave the room, Oga asks Baby Beel to get out. Baby Beel thinks how he can beat the stuffed animal and comes up with the idea of a car. As soon as Furuichi notices a red tie and asks Oga, Aoi enters the room and asks why are they in the classroom. Then Aoi thinks they saw their bodies. Oga tells her to calm down, but Aoi breaks a desk which alerts the teacher. Furuichi claims he did not see any slender bodies, and Aoi takes out a broom which Baby Beel comes out.

The teacher comes in the room and asks why the desks are broken. Aoi demonstrates that the desks are old and brittle, and she hands the records for the physicals to the teacher. Furuichi tries to get the teacher to help him, but Aoi flicks him. Now, Aoi gets angry, and Oga notices Beelzebub exiting through the window. Before he leaves, he tells Aoi that he will explain everything. Oga drops the toy. Then Aoi has Furuichi in her grasp.

Happy, Proud Be'el
Happy, Proud Be'el

Outside, the teacher notices Baby Beelzebub gets into his car by shocking it. Oga tries to open the car. The ignorant teacher walks up the roof to calm down until he finally realizes that the car is his. Baby Beelzebub gets a smug look when he notices the toy is not on Oga's back anymore. Baby Beel cannot open the door, and the teacher cannot open the door as well. To add to teacher's stress, Baby Beel starts peeing a flood. Oga prepares to chop the car in half, but the teacher tells him that he will get expel. Oga admits he is an idiot and breaks the car, and Baby Beel jumps into Oga's arms. Even though the teacher tells Oga that he will expel him, Oga walks away.

The principal does not believe the teacher's story that a high school student destroys his car much to the teacher's annoyance.

After the credits, Aoi understands Oga's story, and as she hands him the toy that he dropped, Baby Beel goes back into the locker.

Ending Theme

"Nanairo Namida" by Tomato n' Pine

Points of Interests

  • This is a filler episode.
  • Aoi's weight is not revealed.

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