Let Dahaka

Let Dahaka is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Let is a member of a dragon race in Rave Masters. He has a strong devotion to Julia and will go to great lengths to save her. He is a powerful member of Haru's team, and is later revealed to be a King of the Dragon race.


He is a former member of Demon Card and he is there, so he can fight Jegan who has Juvia (turned into a dragon) under his control. After the Tower of Din arc, Let joins Haru's group, but still seizes the opportunity to fight Jegan during the Symponia arc.

Let Dahaka and Julia are childhood friends and have a deep love for each other.


Let Dahaka, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. He is a major supporting character in Rave Master, and is the popular bad-guy gone good themed character. His first appearance in the Rave Master anime series was in Rave Master: Episode # 42. His first Rave Master manga book appearance was in Rave Master: # 8. His Japanese voice actor is Takehiro Murozono, and his English voice actor is Doug Stone.

Major Story Arcs

Tower of Din Arc

Let first appears as a dragonoid human, running into Haru Glory and Gale Glory at the Tower Of Din, slowly but surely making there way up the structure. However, Haru falls through a hole, and it takes him a minute to recover before he realizes that he is surrounded by his enemies. He realizes they are Palace Guards, and they are outnumbering him four to one. That is when Let intervenes, stating that it isn't nearly or closely a "fair" fight to Haru, and he proposes that he test Haru's strength by fighting him himself on a one-on-one fight. The Palace Guards don't take kindly to Let's interference with their game, and begin to get aggressive and started to declare their rage and disagreement.

Soon after there outrage, Rave Warriors arrive to the seen and try and hold the Palace Guards. They begin fighting while this leaves Let his way right to Haru and their battle. However, this battle begins with an interesting twist, they are

Let Dahaka's Dragon Form In The Anime
Let Dahaka's Dragon Form In The Anime

essentially fighting at Garage Island. However, this isn't realistic, it is but an illusion that begins to take different emotions on Haru.

When they begin fighting, they seem to be relatively even, though Let doesn't seem to be trying to his fullest potential, the two seem to be testing each others abilities more than anything. As the battle progresses to a more intense stage, Let states that he doesn't have any real strong ties to the Demon Card Organization, or to the power that the Dark Bring gives him, even though he enjoys the boost it gives him. Haru begins to realize that Let may be weak to persuasion and perhaps he could bring him over to fight for the good side and against the Demon Card group. At first, he is hopeful of his persuasion, at least until Let begins to laugh at his attempt to "move" him, then even doubts that he has the power to defeat him. That is when Haru finally concludes that he must fight Let and there is not other option. Thats when he brings the Ten Commandments Sword into its more powerful and higher form known as Blue Crimson, or the fifth form of the sword. Let begins to appear weak compared to the immense power of the sword and eventually is defeated by Haru's Holy Bring power.

When they are finally settled, we see Let do serious consideration and thinking of the matter of switching sides, and, surprisingly, decides to take the side of good and help Haru. This is about the time when Haru is attacked by a Palace Guard who apparently got through the other assaults. This attack left Haru very weak, and Let appeared to help him defeat them and bring him back to safety. As the fight begins to end, the building begins to rock and appears to be weakening, a sign of its soon destruction. While they were on there way out, Let jumps out to save Elie from a large boulder surely about to crush her, furthering his attempt to gain some quick type of trust in the group. After that, he safely bring the rest of the group out of the near-collapsed tower.

After Haru and Gale fall again into another hole, Elie begins to freak out and thus starts to wonder what will happen to the two men. It doesn't help when Musica comes out and it very eager to get Let to fight him, Let just as equally ready to fight the other young man. Elie stops them both, showing how they all needed to work together in order for all of them to make it out of there safely. After, Haru decides to officially invite the group after they are all safe and out of the tower. Let, a bit hesitant, agrees even though he has no idea of the hard yet fun road ahead he is about ready to take.

Symphonia Arc

Let meets Jegan and fights him. This is when Let turns himself into human by using a special technique.

Voiced by
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Doug Stone
Takehiro Murozono
General Information Edit
Name: Let Dahaka
Name: レット・ダハーカ
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Rave Master #8
1st anime episode: Rave Master #42
1st anime movie:
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