Slayers Special #3 - Lesser Of Two Evils

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on

Plot Summary

Lina and Naga are nuts, they're especially batty about treasure and they're positively bananas for a good meal. Join the zaniest sorceresses this side of Red World as they meet Beach Bunnies, suitors and thieves.

Table Of Content

Episode 15: Jane Versus The Restless Sea!

Episode 16: Lina's Husband?!

Episode 17: Oh, Cruel Fate! The Melancholy Beast Master?!

Episode 18: Educating Lina, Or Romp And Circumstance

Episode 19: To Catch A Thief

Episode 20: The Evil Dead?

Episode 21: In The Name Of Justice

Spells Use

Lina InverseDragon Slave
Burst Rondo
Ray Wing
Dame Wind
Naga The SerpentFreeze Arrow
Vice Freeze
Holy Breath
Golas XenomodeDemi Ruin
Kasha FlaniganNiagra Falls
WinnieNecro Ward
BanditGray Bomb
Amelia SailluneFireball
The Justice Attack


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Tommy Ohtsuka artist,
Rui Araizumi other,
Hajime Kanzaka writer,



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