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The second-in-command in the Delmo Corps and the commanding officers lover.

Aiko Takada

The second human to love and accept Lucy for who she is and to ignore her horns. She is also an aspiring painter. Her death due to Kurama leads to Kaede's (a.k.a. Lucy) vendetta against Kurama and the rest of humanity.


Known as Alice the speed, she is Nunnally's knight and some speculate lover.

Alielle Relrye


One of Honey Kisaragi teachers.

Amara Tenoh

Amara or Haruka Tenoh is a famed race car driver. Furthermore, she is Sailor Uranus. She belongs to the Outer Senshi. She is a close partner with and lover of Sailor Neptune. She is headstrong and powerful. She wields the Space Sword.

Anna Kurauchi

The third maid who works at Yoshitaka's mansion.

Anri Sogahara

Takumi's friend and pre-genderbend crush. She teaches Takumi about womanhood after the transformation.

Aoi Kurosaki

A character from the Devilman Lady franchise. A friend/rival of Juns from High School who developed the Devil Beast Syndrome.


One of the main characters of the "Viper GTS" hentai series. Carrera is a voluptuous, hypersexual succubus best known for her love of sex, but also the quality and abundance of the souls she captures, when she doesn't even try, something that leads to an enmity between her and Mercedes.

Chikane Himemiya

The Priestess of the Moon

Chin-Kyuu Koudai

An subordinate of Totaku as well as Ryofu's secret lover.

Chisato Kamoshige

Second daughter of the family.

Chizuru Honsho

A fellow classmate to Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue. She is also a lesbian and has a crush on Orihime.


The chief commanding officer of the Delmo Corps who after Hagen's demise took command of the Delmogeny.


A female Cthughan who is obsessed with fellow alien, Nyarlathotep.


Draco is a dragonewt who was suspect of sending a threatening letter to Kimihito.

Fatora Venus

Fatora Venus is the princess of Roshtaria and sister to Rune Venus. Fatora is an open and proud lesbian with a high sex-drive. She is mostly known for taking advantage of other female characters and having a relationship with Alielle. she shares an uncanny likeness in appearance to Makoto.

Goldie Musou

A "Mafia Queen" in Chicago's underworld in Gunsmith Cats.

Hatsumi Azuma

Hazuki Azuma

Hazumu Osaragi

A former male, but now female main protagonist of kashimashi girl meets girl. She is a great gardener and is the object of affection for both Tomari Kurusu Yasuna Kamiizumi.

Hikari Konohana

Himeko Kurusugawa

The priestess of the Sun

Hitomi Konno

A model with the Devil Beast Syndrome who had a crush on Jun.

Jenny Dolittle

Jenny Dolittle is the heir of a major space shipping conglomerate, and president of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht club.

Jessie Ijesse

Jessie Ijesse is Lottie Gelh best friend. When she was mistaken for Sara while in the shower by Lavinia Reberth who was in love with Sara and sneaked into the shower and kissed her, Jessie didn't mind and wanted to continue despite Lavinia wanted to stop after discovering the truth.

Junko Mochida

Bible Black character

Juri Arisugawa

Juri is a character from the anime and manga series Revolutionary Girl Utena. She is admired for her beauty and supreme fencing skill. She is considered to be the most noble of all the duelists. She is a captain of Otohori Academy's fencing team.

Kaede Sakura

A normal girl with a large collection of stuffed Zōmotsu Animal dolls. She harbors a crush on the female Natsuru.


Main protagonist of the manga series "Battle Binder Plus". She is a space cop who fights crime using her robotic suit.

Kanako Miyamae

A new transfer student to Ame no Kisaki, an all girl Catholic school. She's a well meaning and hyper girl, but is a lesbian with an allergy to boys. Subject to frequent nose bleeds.


Sakaki's number one fan, and Azumanga Daioh's seventh wheel.

Keiji Maeda

Keiji Maeda is a qi master, a powerful samurai, and a master of disguise. She is also a perverse lesbian who hates men.



Kosame is one of Risa's loyal attendants along with her partner, Hayate. She is skilled in combat and operations. Kosame is normally strong and stoic, but when Kirie is involved she's a complete lech.

Kotoha Isone

Kotoha is a Hanyou (half youkai and half human) who can summon things when she emphasizes words. She can conjure up weapons or objects by saying one word.

Kuro Kagami

Kuro Kagami is one of Rin's closest friends and secretly in love with her. This makes her aggressive toward their teacher, Daisuke Aoki, who she sees as a rival.

Kuroko Shirai

A level 4 psychic, and a member of Judgment. Her ability is the eser is to teleport, but she can only teleport people or objects that weigh around 130-137 kilograms. She also has a crush on Misaka who she calls "Onee-sama".

Lan Asuka

A character from the Devilman Lady series who works for the Human Alliance Japan. She is based off of Ryo Asuka and is a love interest to Jun Fudo.

Lavinia Reberth

The lowest-scoring Reasoner of the Space Squadron in Basion Academy. She's completely infatuated with Sara and constantly tries to win her over.



The pilot of Lunasister who is secretly in love with her female co-pilot, Shadow.

Lynn Lambretta

Lynn Lambretta is a troublemaker and skilled hacker and the vice-president of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Mari Kumakura

The main protagonist of girl friends. She is shy and introverted young girl that eventually befriends and falls in love with Akko.

Mayumi Karasugawa

One of the leaders of Panther Claw


The rival of Sasana, they fight over Mayu a lot, and they say the person who wins gets Mayu.


One of the three succubus of Viper GTS, she is jealous of her partner Carerra, as she gets better souls than Mercedes, but doesn't even try.

Michelle Kaioh

Michelle or Michiru Kaioh is a famous violinist. She is also Sailor Neptune and belongs to the Outer Senshi. She is devoted to her lover Haruka Tenoh who is also a senshi. Her element is Ocean, and the weapon she wields is called the Deep Aqua Mirror.


Mikoto is a trained female ninja (kunoichi) but works as a carpenter in training. Her only real goal is to get close to Rin. She acts more like a lecherous old man. She is possibly one of the only young girls not after Ikuto.

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