Leki's Little Adventure

Leki's Little Adventure is an anime episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Scion of Sorcery that was released on 12/19/1998

Orphen and company are wandering through an open field on a nice day when Leki, the Wolfen cub, is distracted by a butterfly and runs off. Meanwhile, Volkan and Dortin are looking to make some additional money, and sell a pretty, but worthless, shiny stone to a young boy for a silver piece

After being pursued by some birds, Leki falls into a river and is washed downstream. There he is rescued by the same young boy who purchased the stone. He returns home with Leki, and gives the stone to his sister for her birthday, and they await their mother's return.

Continuing on their way, Volkan and Dortin run into the mother of the two children, badly injured. They take her to a farm house and set out for help. They come across Orphen and company, who are now looking for Leki, and persuade them to come help the woman. They do, and together they all set out to her house.

Growing concerned, the two children and Leki set out to look for their mother. While searching, they're surrounded by wolves and cry out for help. Our heroes run to the rescue, but Orphen can't get off a clear shot. Leki, who has the magic amplifying bracelet from several episodes earlier as a collar, uses magic to fend off the wolves (and also zap Volkan a little. The woman and her children return home, while our heroes head off - but not before Leki and Cleao return the kid's silver piece and Orphen blasts Volkan and Dortin for their fraud.

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Hiroshi Watanabe Director
Steven Foster ADR Director (English) ADR Director for all of Dirty Pair, along with Pani Poni Dash
Masahiro Aizawa Character Artist/Designer
Yukio Okazaki Associate Director
Shichiro Kobayashi Art Director
Mayori Sekijima Writer
Masashi Kubota Writer
Keiko Watanabe Writer Key Animation and Finish Animation on several notable series
Kenji Kato Art Director Art Director on numerous anime series, including Utena, Orphen, and Shuffle!
Naori Hiraki Storyboard Storyboard artist for numerous anime series, including Kenshin, and Saber Marionette J.
Aki Tsunaki Animation Director
Yuji Matsukura Producer


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