The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Revealed

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The Legend of Zelda is back, and it looks like it could be the most substantial break from series convention since Ocarina of Time.  This morning, Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto stepped onto the stage at Nintendo's E3 Press Conference and revealed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the latest installment in the long running franchise, and the first console Zelda release in four years. Skyward Sword will require the Wii Motion Plus accessory and,  as a result, be capable of more accurate motion control experience than the previous Zelda console game.  
Miyamoto demonstrated several of the various new gameplay in the game. Sword control is mapped to the Wii remote, but, like the sword fighting found in Wii Sports Resort, Skyward Sword will allow you to move the sword around by tilting and moving the Wii remote (instead of the "waggle-as-button press" movement of the previous Zelda game).  This allowed for more dynamic sword moves (instead of canned animation for sword moves). To demonstrate the improved sword control, Miyamoto showed off a monster who had to be confused by waving the sword around in a circle to dizzy the monster. By simply rotating the Wii Remote,  Link was able to spin the sword in the game world, with the monster following the rotation of the sword until it was dizzied. 
In fact, it sounds like many of the gameplay design choices found in Wii Sports Resort will make their way into Skyward Sword. You'll be able to fire slingshot pebbles in a way very similar to the archery found in  
Skyward Sword also boasts a much simpler inventory system than previous Zelda games, replacing the menu with a more functional, full radial wheel from which bombs, boomerangs, and slingshots can be selected and equipped. 
At the end of the demonstration, Miyamoto revealed that the game was still early in development, and won't be out this year. We'll have more information on Skyward Sword as it develops.    
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How is this anime related? Leave this to the sister site Giant Bomb.
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@BloodRavyne said:
" How is this anime related? Leave this to the sister site Giant Bomb. "
I'm thinking the same thing.
Post by FoxxFireArt (2,654 posts) See mini bio Level 25
I think I'm having a FAN-gasm from this new. If news comes out of E3 about the next Beyond Good & Evil game. I'm going to lose it.
If you think about it. The Wii mote controls were pretty much just tacked onto Twilight Princess last minute. Not only was this game designed around the motion controls, but it will also have Wii Motion Plus to more define actions.
Notice Link is still staying with the left handed model. 
I'm now going to have to get Wii Motion Plus.
Lighten up, spoiled sport.
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I think I'm in love...
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@JJOR64 said:
" @BloodRavyne said:
" How is this anime related? Leave this to the sister site Giant Bomb. "
I'm thinking the same thing. "
Same here. . . I think the guy who posted this article is probably drunk and mistaken this web site for GiantBomb. 
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@BloodRavyne: @JJOR64: @Kou_Leifoh: Eh, I dont mind it.  We do have a Legend of Zelda wiki page on Animevice, so it's fine.  CV covers movies  that you could then yell and say leave that to screened.  Not gonna happen.  Cross over happens.
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@ethan:   I'm just playing around.   :P
The game looks awesome.  The graphics look like what would a baby from Twilight Princess and Wind Waker would look like.
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Hey as long as I can waste hours of the game fishing and not doing any of the main story I don't give a damn, THIS LOOKS GREAT. Thanks for the post
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