Legend of the Holy Sword 2 - Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?

Legend of the Holy Sword 2 - Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing? is an anime episode of Soul Eater that was released on 07/28/2008

Ox Ford gives an inner monolouge about the legendary sword Exaclibur and its origins starting with King Arthur. As he continues he monolouge, Ox eventually gets to the waterfall cave that the sword is located in and proceeds to pull the sword from the stone. As with what happened with Death the Kid and Black Star, Ox is utterly confused by the penguin figure that is Excalibur. Excalibur proceeds to question Ox on who he is, only to call him a fool before getting out any answers or saying anything. Ox eventually gets in a word that he wants to know the history of Excalibur as the holy sword gives the student his list of 1,000 provisions and begins to tell his story.

As per his nature, Excalibur tells various stories from his life ranging from being in a gang in a city to falling in love with a girl and proclaiming he has a family somewhere. Ox listens intently, taking notes, as Excalibur stops every few minutes to tell him one of his provisions ranging from drinking coffee with cream to not liking carrots and reprimanding Ox for being a hypocrite about carrots. His stories continue to conflict with one another as the sword changes it from time to time, the only one story that he talks about are his exploits with King Arthur, which is the most credible of his tales.

Back at Death City, Maka, Black Star, and Kid have decided to have lunch with their weapons as they discuss how pleasent it is to simply hang out as friends. Tsubaki mentions a report due the next day and if Black Star had finished it while Liz begs Tsubaki to help her with her report even though she hadn't started it yet.

At the cave of the Holy Sword, Excalibur finishes his stories and says that all the power that he has can be at the will of Ox so long as he obeys the five hour story telling party. As Excalibur turns back into his sword form and enters Ox's hands, Ox places the sword back in the pedestal. Excalibur asks why he has done this as Ox points out he is a Spear Meister and has a partner. The only reason he went to the cave was to collect first hand information on Excalibur for the report on the Holy Sword, but Ox proclaims that the sword is annoying and lame which miffs Exaclibur.

The next day in class, the group discusses their report as Liz laments on how she didn't get it done. Tsubaki notices Black Star only wrote one page, which confuses the group on how he could do that. He reveals that his report is only one word which is the best word to describe Exaclibur: Fool.

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Josh Grelle ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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