Legend of the Big Fish

Legend of the Big Fish is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 06/21/2012

Legend of the Big Fish

Duck, having lost it's main ship to JFX's control, resorts to missile strikes on JFX. However Akira, Yuki, Haru and Natsuki prepare for one last effort to fish for JFX. Duck's leader gives them time to try catching JFX. But it isn't long before the typhoon strengthens and JFX's mind control powers extend to all over Enoshima. Yuki, with the help of his friends, tries his hardest to catch JFX.

Plot Summary

Everyone tries to find Ayumi
Everyone tries to find Ayumi

The misfired missile hit the fishing shop where Ayumi was grabbing supplies from. Luckily Ayumi is alright, and he was able to save the special fishing rod which they will use to catch JFX. However he is injured and in no condition to pilot his boat. Akira takes up the role as pilot. As Haru, Yuki, Natsuki and Akira prepare to head out and catch JFX, Yuki remembers the legend of the dragon, "The goddess fished the dragon out of the water, working together with her companions." Haru, since he only came to Earth to catch JFX, has a hard time saying goodbye to everyone. But everyone comforts him by reassuring Haru that he is everyone's friend.

Akira, Natsuki, Haru, Ayumi and Yuki
Akira, Natsuki, Haru, Ayumi and Yuki

Unfortunately when they get to Ayumi's boat, they are confronted by Duck's leader and a host of Duck agents. Duck's leader argues with Akira about what Akira is doing with JF1 (Haru) and how ridiculous it is to even try fishing for JFX. The leader cites Duck Rule 11, "Duck agents who sympathize with aliens will be stripped of their title immediately." Akira doesn't care and believes they will be able to catch JFX with the help of Haru, and that Duck is wasting its time trying to catch JF1. Thanks to Tapioca, they are able to set sail and leave the Duck agents behind. Natsuki decides that Yuki is going to be the one to fish out JFX. They soon find the location of JFX with the help of Haru. Yuki promises to not let Haru leave Earth.

Tamotsu, Erika, Misaki and Heihachi make it back to the shelter. However the Duck leader and his agents also make it back to the shelter and announce that because of the approaching typhoon they need to evacuate to a place further away. Duck is also planning on going ahead with its missile attacks.

Haru's yellow halo is dwarfed by JFX's purple halo
Haru's yellow halo is dwarfed by JFX's purple halo

On the boat, Natsuki gives Yuki helping instructions for fishing. Yuki's first cast is unsuccessful because of the strong winds. After several more casts, something is wrong, Yuki can definitely feel something at the end of his fishing line, but is not able to get JFX to bite. Yuki takes a moment to think about what JFX would be like if he is the same species as Haru. Yuki realizes that Haru likes cute baits, and especially Yuki's red hair. Yuki proceeds to draw on the special bait with a red marker.

Yuki, the whole world is watching you!
Yuki, the whole world is watching you!

After coloring the bait red, Tapioca shows them on the phone that the four of them are on national news! At first this makes Yuki terribly nervous, but Natsuki says, "We're just fishing. I mean, who cares if this is the focus of the world?" When Yuki finally gets JFX to bite, him and Natsuki start reeling in JFX. Akira receives a message from Duck's leader. The Leader gives Akira a time limit, at the end of which anti-ship missiles will be fired at JFX, and also the Duck ship that JFX took control of. Unfortunately the bait is broken and Yuki loses JFX. The typhoon gets stronger and JFX's mind-control powers extend over Enoshima. Haru plans to use himself to bait out JFX.

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