Left Alone

Left Alone is an anime episode of Kids on the Slope that was released on 06/21/2012

Left Alone

Sentaro almost runs away until Kaoru stops him. Sentaro's father seems to have changed for the better, and Sentaro promises Kaoru that they will practice everyday until the festival. Eventually they even ask Mr. Mukae to play Bass, and Ritsuko to sing in their jazz band. They plan to play "My Favorite Things". After spending so much time with each other, Kaoru realizes that his favorite thing is the time that they spend together.

Plot Summary

Kaoru doesn't want Sentaro to run away
Kaoru doesn't want Sentaro to run away

Since Sentaro's dad is coming back home, Sentaro plans on running away. Kaoru catches Sentaro leaving his place early in the morning. Kaoru refuses to let Sentaro run away and they get into a fight. Kaoru wonders when Sentaro became such a coward. Then the Mukaes wake up and so do Sentaro's younger siblings. Ritsuko tends to Kaoru's cuts that he got fighting with Sentaro. Kaoru confesses that he was scared too and could not sleep last night.

Sentaro's father
Sentaro's father

When Sentaro's father returns home. He apologizes for being away for so long. He also brought presents for all the children, most of them are toys. For Sentaro, he bought a fountain pen. Sentaro says that something so fancy is wasted on him. His father replies by saying, "a child doesn't refuse a gift from his parent." Sentaro is surprised by this. Sentaro tells Kaoru later that day that he will practice his butt off for the festival.

Sentaro, Ritsuko and Kaoru practice
Sentaro, Ritsuko and Kaoru practice

Kaoru and Sentaro ask Mr. Mukae to play Bass with them at the festival. Mr. Mukae agrees, but it'll take a lot of work. They begin to practice together every day up until the festival. At school one day, Kaoru sees Seiji and the rest of his band being fitted into flamboyant costumes. They also seem to have lots of cheerleaders. Kaoru reflects on their own jazz band, and how plain it looks in comparison to The Olympus. Just then they hear Ritsuko humming "My Favorite Things," and ask her to sing in their jazz band. Ritsuko, after some thought, agrees to give it a try. They begin by having her try learning to sing "My Favorite Things" in English. It takes some time, but eventually Ritsuko gets the hang of singing. After practicing together for days, Kaoru realizes that his favorite thing is the time that Ritsuko, Sentaro and him share right now.

Sentaro takes the scooter
Sentaro takes the scooter

It's a day before the festival and Kaoru and Sentaro have finished practicing. After Kaoru leaves, Sentaro sees that he left behind a piece of sheet music. Sentaro goes to catch up to him. However, since it is so late and Kaoru left a while ago, Sentaro drives the scooter to catch up to him. However a car turns a corner too sharp and runs into him. The next day, Kaoru is wondering why Sentaro is not at school yet. Ritsuko finds Kaoru and tells him that Sentaro got into a terrible accident and is at the hospital. Ritsuko and Kaoru are deeply affected by this and don't know what to do. Kaoru goes to the hospital to see Sentaro and tells Ritsuko to stay at school.

When Kaoru arrives at the hospital he finds his family there. Sentaro's mother tells him that Sachiko was with Sentaro. Sachika was most injured and had to get an operation to treat serious head trauma, but still has not regained consciousness. No one knows why Sachiko was with them. After finding out that Sentaro wasn't badly injured, Kaoru goes to the roof in the hopes of finding him.

Sentaro is lying down on a bench, covered in a white cloth sheet (similar to the way Kaoru found him when they first met). Kaoru pulls off the sheet and sees Sentaro wearing an arm sling. Sentaro is sad because he ended up hurting Sachiko. Sentaro wonders out loud why he was even born if he keeps hurting the people he wants to protect. He starts crying as Kaoru stands there to help him. Kaoru dozes off on the bench, when he wakes up Sentaro is gone. He goes inside to see that Sachiko has regained consciousness. Kaoru also sees that Sentaro left the rosary (that he wore) on the door knob to Sachiko's room. However Sentaro is no where to be found, and the festival ends without a jazz performance. Ritsuko and Kaoru hope that Sentaro will come back some day.

Kaoru visits the church to ask if the Priest knows where Sentaro is. He does not. Kaoru shows him Sentaro's rosary. The Priest tells Kaoru that Sentaro always wore the rosary because "[Sentaro] felt that if he lost it, then he would be abandoned by the world." As Kaoru spends some time in the Mukae Records Store basement, he tries banging on the drums. Mr. Mukae comes down to see him. Reality starts to set in for Kaoru that Sentaro is not going to come back and that he will never be able to have a jam session with him again.

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Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.


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