Led by the Phantom of the Phantom

Led by the Phantom of the Phantom is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 06/03/2011

Episode Commentary

Victorique and Grevil stand outside the theatre, ready to solve the mystery of the Blue Rose, and then enter, with Victorique looking around, and mentioning "this is where....led by a phantom..." 

 Cecile in a suitcase.
 Cecile in a suitcase.
Kazuya comes running up to the theatre clutching the pendant he bought for Victorique's Christmas and Birthday present. as he was about to head inside, he notices a commotion over a moving suitcase. the suitcase opens, to show Cecile -Sensei had hidden in it. Kazuya ran up to her, asking why she was hidden in a suitcase, and she told him that as a teacher, she had to know what  was going on if one of her students was in trouble, and that she was doing an undercover operation. she told Kazuya that Victorique was in trouble, being summoned by her father again, and was even told by her to stay put in the suitcase, as the situation was that grave. Kazuya than ran off, barging into the theatre to chase after Victorique.
 Kazuya finds Victorique.
 Kazuya finds Victorique.
As Victorique travels further into the theater, she stops to look at a painting on the wall. at that  time, Kazuya is still looking for her, vowing to find her, no matter how big the incoming storm is. as the De Blois siblings reach the bottom of a spiral staircase and are about to enter a guarded door, Kazuya finds them. Victorique silently thanks him for finding him, but says that's as far as he goes, apologising, just as he gets held by the guards at the front for forcibly entering the theater. he calls to Victorique, but she keeps on walking through the door, which closes behind her.
She tells the men inside to take her to her father. when she reaches, she enters a candlelit room filled with newspaper clippings on movable walls. the queries on why the Ministry of the Occult would want to expose the Mystery of Coco Rose, and deduces that the one who wields the power in the country is the true culprit.  Her father dryly compliments her, and further explains the history of the case. 

Case History

In the spring of 1914, a french person came to visit coco Rose as she moved to her country home at the time. she was summoned to the palace, but later, a headless corpse was found in the palace room she was staying in. the only other person to have left that room was the King, who had nothing suspicious that could have been used as a murder weapon at that time. another point to his innocence was at the same time at Coco Rose's country home, an exploding head was found, and to this day, the case remains unsolved.
Grevil goes to talk with Kazuya inside a room in the theatre . he states he doesn't know why Victorique was called for the case, but he believes that if she is unable to solve the case, she may not be able to return to the academy. however, Grevil thinks hopefully of his sister, also saying there probably isn't a case she can't solve. Kazuya asks if the fragments of chaos were gathered, and Grevil tells him of the newspaper clippings. however, Kazuya says it is not enough, as Victorique would already know any public information, and it is up to him to gather any more fragments of chaos for her, and runs off.
He comes across a portrait of Cordelia, and a woman nearby explains she was once a dancer, and that a girl resembling Cordelia was looking at the photo recently. as he is about to leave, he comes across another photo, which turns out to be a lookalike to the queen, named Nicole Lulu, the "Downtown Blue Rose", who had also disappeared. It is then shown that Brian Roscoe was listening in on their conversation. also at that time, the play is about to start.
 Brian Roscoe watches silently.
 Brian Roscoe watches silently.

Grevil enters the innter room, where Victorique is quarreling with the guards saying there isn't enough information, and is seized by them. Kazuya futher enquires about Nicole Lulu, and learns that she had enquired for a secretary position, but later vanished. Cecile, who was with him asks if he thinks it is related to the murder, and he says he thinks so, and continures to query. he further learned that she may have become the mistress of an aristocrat, 10 years after disappearing.
He meets Cecile again, who has returned from shopping, saying she normally goes with Sophie, who'd probably be angry with her for going to town alone. however, kazuya tells her that he came to town with her, which makes Cecile angry, mentioning that she's been friends with her for 10 years and chose Kazuya over her. however, she refuses to tell Kazuya where they first met. pettily hating both him and Sophie. 
However, Kazuya finds out that she had died from a baker. when he went to visit the grave, the year of death was marked 1900, the year she disappeared.
 Nicole Lulu - 1881 - 1900
 Nicole Lulu - 1881 - 1900

Victorique is shown tied up, crying, and forced to hear a bell chime. Grevil pleads with his father to stop this, but Albert tells him to look at the power that dwells in his sister. Victorique, looking like she is losing her grip on sanity, derives that the techniques  they have used on her are not occult, but science based, and refuses to answer any of the probing questions.
Cecile and Kazuya try to find a way into the theater, bith Kazuya notices Brian in an alley, and runs away swiftly, Kazuya chases after him, leaving cecile behind. he runs into the alley to find a rope leading up into a window on the second floor. 
 Victorique is rescued by Brian
 Victorique is rescued by Brian
As Victorique is still being probed, Kazuya re-entes the staircase he last saw Victorique in, where brian appears, and taunts him, running down the stairs. the accult ceremony is suddenly stopped, by a gust of wind, blowing out the candles. when the lights are turned on, Victorique is on the other side of the room, being held by Brian.
However, to Kazuya, Brian was, at the same time, helping him into the room by taking out the gurads, and was shocked to see him in front of him. however, Brian just smiles and unleashes another gust of wind and smoke, disappearing.
Kazuya runs to Victorique, collecting her in his arms, where she wakes up. he says thank God, and tells her, that he is involved in the case. Victorique says there is nothing she can do to be removed from her father's control, but he then tells her that he knows the answer. She tells Kazuya, in amanner mirroring her mother's, "Solve the case, so that you may live." she then declares to the occultists that she can solve the case.
Later, as they look at the paintings, Victorique asks Kujo why he researched Nicole Lulu, where he responded that it mightv'e interested her. she then commends him for it. Grevil arrives, telling her she has permission from her father to move, and she heads to the cemetery to dig up the grave of Nicole Lulu.

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