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Rance is a kichiku warrior and main protagonist of the Rance eroge game franchise'S Hentai adaptations.

Ranpu Aragami

Ranpu Aragami is the head of Otogi Academy, and a high ranking member of the Aragami Zaibutsu. He created the Otogi Bank.

Rei's Grandfather

Rei's Grandfather who had one of the seven Nijizuishou residing in his body.

Rin Yatagai

Ran's older twin sister who refers to her as "Clone". She's a lesbian and becomes interested in Nao's lips.

Rou Dai Kaioushin

Ryo Saeba

Ryota Minamino

Ryōta Minamino is the classmate of Sanpeita. He's a nosy and outgoing boy who likes to snoop into Sanpaita's life.

Ryu Shizuka

A mangaka who created the series "True Human" in Bakuman. He is classified as being quiet and having almost no human interaction skills.

Ryuuji Hirasaka

The lecherous doctor of the Night Shift Nurses franchise.

Ryuuji Touma

Burdened by terrible luck when it comes to being with women, the hapless Ryuuji seemed doomed to a life by himself. However, his rotten luck turns for the better after he is saved from death by Terumo Masumi, who is ready to rock his world!

Ryuzo Nakahara

Ryuzo Nakahara is a former Japanese national team lacrosse player who now works at his father's sports supplies store.

Saki Tabaruzaka

Saki is another girl attending Shūhō Seiha Private School, who is in love with Naeka. She is so obsessed, she jealously attacks anyone else who attempts peek at Naeka before she does.


Sanji is the Chef of the Straw Hat Pirates. He's a chivalrous fighter who loves women to an almost extreme degree. A top of the line chef who will never use his hands in a fight.


Sanson is Grandis henchman/friend and happens to be the strong man, sharp-shooter, and driver of the Grandis Gang.

Saori Shikijo

Saori is a teacher, that have a unhealthy crush on one of her student

Seiya Uribatake

Chief mechanic within Nadesico.

Senbei Norimaki

Sento Oumi

Sento Oumi is a main character in "Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!!"


The manager of the Pension Junpei and his friends work at during the summer.


Shiroyasha is the manager of Thousand Eyes Inn and the Demon Lord of the White Night.


Sonnei is the high priest of Lotus Temple and former master of Souei. He's a master of the gaiden technique.

Tadao Yokoshima

A high school student who started working as the assistant of Mikami at the age of 15. He is totally enthralled by Mikami, which is the only reason he keeps his dangerous job.

Takashi Nasujima

Takashi Nasujima is a lecherous teacher at Raira Academy who has had several incidents with female students.

Takeda Seito

Takeda Seito is a second year student at Umineko Shōgyō High School and one of the five male members of the school’s swimming club.

Takeru Ohyama

Perverted teenager and newest student in the now co-ed Tenbi Gakuen.

Takuro Nakai

A man who has been an assistant throughout most of his Mangaka life, he views himself mostly as a failure and falls in love with women incredibly fast, only to usually be heartbroken.

Tasuku Fujiomi

Tasuku is the Qwaser of neodymium and Mutsumi's partner.


A Celestial Spirit that is currently owned by Lucy Heartphilia.


Tejirof is Ramses classmate and a mercenary hired for the Segua army in the Aoi Sekai no Chuusin De series.


Well endowed Boss at the diner Sento works at. As lolita complex.

Tenzo Crossunite

Tenzo Crossunit is First Special Duty Officer for the Supreme Federation. He is known for his ninja skills in close combat.


Servant of Rozalin. A Character from Disgaea

Toranosuke Miyamura

Miyamura is the Vice President of the student council who joined and restored the Supernatural Studies Club to help Yamada and Urara learn the mystery behind their body swap.


In the Ren Nanase OVA he is a Doctor at the hospital and he is a suspect in multiple assault charges. He also uses Perverse methods on Ren.

Uncle Grandfather

Perverted lecher who is apparently either the uncle or grandfather of Gerald Bald Z in Perfect Hair Forever. He is more or less a parody of Master Roshi

Underwear Thief

A perverted student who stole the bras of several female students. He seems to have shape-shifting abilities.


Vulcans are monsters that use take over to turn people into monsters. They like women. In Fairy Tail, they are seen as perverted apes and appeared twice in the manga and anime.

Wakaba Mine

One of the members of Fairy Tail who has been there the longest. He is always chasing skirt even though he's married and uses smoke based magic.


The mischievous yellow dog that is a deviant for meat, money, girls and their school uniforms whenever he's not loafing.

Yasuomi Hachisuka

Yasuomi Hachisuka is a delinquent student from Mochizuka High School who holds some grudge against Arashi Mikami.


Haruka's lackey and is childhood friends with Natsuki. He is a closest pervert and allows Soumei to take over his body.

Yohei Satake

A bench player for the Deimon Devil Bats who was blackmailed by Hiruma into joining the team. He is actually just a basketball player who is on loan to the team to help fill out the roster.

Yoto Yokodera

Yoto is the main character who wished to lose his facade by being brutally honest.

Yuhi Shinatsuhiko

The District Mayor of Sakurashin who has been watching over it for 200 years. he also created his sister Yae Shinatsuhiko.

Yusuke Urameshi

Main character of manga and anime series Yu Yu Hakusho. He is a spirit detective and a very strong fighter, and a punk teenager.

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